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Turks are always extremely proud of their "Turkish" and "Ottoman" heritage so your #1 statement is already bullshit

The Ottomans couldn't even fully conquer the balkans (Europe's most chaotic part) before being smashed to shit by Russia a couple of dozen times so your "we destroyed ur culture hurr durr" logic is retarded. At most we destroyed yours

Refuting a statement with arguments that include insults renders the argument invalid. If it was a good argument you wouldn't have felt the need to insult 😂

Nice little propaganda site right there mate, contrary to you and your fellow inbred goat-fucking countrymen I can see the difference betweeen actual facts and propaganda

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If you had the minuscule of thinking aptitude, you would understand that I am by no means a sympathizer of Turks nor the Ottoman Empire.

And if you had the tiniest bit of comprehension skills, you would see that I wasn't referring to the Ottoman Era, rather I was talking about the recent Cuckening and Cultural Marxist narrative that makes you lose your wives and mothers in a process of filling them with sandnigger cum in all of their orifices, which is essentially what you deserve.

Finally, if you weren't equal with an olive baboon in terms of intellectual capacity, you wouldn't resort to "duh ad hominem made your argument invalid xdddd" when I have stated everything there is to refute your halfwitted points, which you still can't come up against with a single argument and it was you who started throwing shit in the first place.

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>university of arizona
>turkish propaganda

Oh god forget about everything I've said above, you're actually fucking retarded

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1) Where did I say you are a "sympathizer of turks or the Ottoman Empire"? What I'm saying is that *turks in general* are. You're assuming stuff, which isn't helping your case

2) I was talking about the actual ethnicity of Turks. Any arguments about "the current state of Europe hurr durr" are completely invalid in this case. Making up arguments that don't even belong in the debate aren't arguments at all mate

3) I have shown you a factual website where the current ethnicity of the Turks is listed, whereas you haven't shown me a single website as evidence that they're not. You have provided only strawman arguments, I have yet to see any counter arguments from you

4) Ridiculing and insulting, not bringing up any counter information... It's pretty clear who's definitely lost any form of debate 😂

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Nice try mate

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We all know the average IQ of Turks is below average on a global scale, so it's not very surprising you can't even manage to hold a simple debate, but still

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Are The Young Turks of US actually Turks? If so why is Cenk called after the Uyghur people of China?

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Does anyone here actually speak turkish?

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or is this just a roach circlejerk

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Why is Turkish so high up in the channel list when Turks are irrelevant pieces of Islamic shit that nobody respects nor likes?

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lol coming from the asian animal, take a wild guess why you are at the bottom at the list

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@Faggot you´re so edgy i don´t need any razorblades

2017-10-06 19:05:36 UTC  

yes I cut you bitch

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turk yokmi?

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I can't believe that video of the serbian accordian guy got taken down

2017-10-27 16:03:31 UTC  

Anybody have a mirror?

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ben turk konusamiyar

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wowowow Türk barındırmayan türkçe kanalı

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Return to 4chan my man

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Says the cockroach

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No, that's a 4chan meme
In Krautchan we say "Cockroach Britain", it was created to shame the Anglos and made before that stupid Turkroach

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Mosley is sexi

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@Cotton İşte bunu beklemiyordum.

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u are all some fucking jews

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lets fuck

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only if you're under 13

2017-11-24 10:45:35 UTC  

remove kebab