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wie macht man dieses push to talk aus?

best book ever<:hrt:312036949453963264>


communism is cancer.

nazism is hope

heil hitler

you min nazism

Allahu akbar

Allahu akbar

When is see commis

a destination for antifacists


great book


hitler did nothing wrong

Austria is shit

It's anschlusszeit

@❄TR❄#1346 Faggot in arabic


1.9 billion muslims world wide

I did nazi that comming

Send ankles

Dutch: retarded version of german

Miss the good old days

Jihad means struggle in life u know?

More AIDS?

@Faggot youΒ΄re so edgy i donΒ΄t need any razorblades

Australia belongs to germany

Look at <#360983468286410764> channel

Um himmlers willen...


No borders, no channel

Muh 72 virgins

way better


Omlette du fromage

this guy is fashioned and tattooless


this guy is way more handsome


no tattoos

cutie but not a handsome boye

no real nazis in politics

most of them are dead

neo nazis are untermenschen



auschwitz is waiting

not really

Ling ling

Tasty dogmeat

Ching chong

Peace. Love. Deutschland ΓΌber alles

Copycat nazbols

This guy has autism @Wolfsbloed

@Wolfsbloed especially the modern commies

Anarchism is sheeeeiiiiiittt



Itβ€˜s not

hail israel

king davids empire will come back

copycats everywhere

german russian arab commie brony

auschwitz is waiting for you

and other peaple are not obedient?

forgotten weimar

fΓΌr das vaterland

@Sn0w ☭ ❄#4209 why auschwitz? cuz bronys are subhumans

bronys are inferiour race

communism doesn't work

social democracy

national bolchevism is cheap copy of national socialism

cheap copy

ching chong dogmeat with lice

no jewish slaws?

@Nnyef communism too

Show vagene and bob ples

unite yugoslavia


your name is giorgio

there is bootlicking

licking dictators boots

never happend

cyka blyat

idi nahui

Oy Wey Goyim

Wehrmacht shares weaponary and war techniques with italian army (1941 colorized)


Europe will collapse first bc refugee crisis

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