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greetings comrades

I mean, that was kind of interesting

>not wagner

what did go wrong

"highest object of worship, monotheism"

except idolatry has never been the highest object of worship

I'm assuming you're coming from the general concept of monotheism

As in an abrahamic religion

I see, is there a source for the explanation of that energy concept tho, I am curious?

Will check it out, thanks

although religions can't be mutually correct, as it would contradict the whole philosophy behind a *religion*

there is a reason they were born as different religions with different ideas and dogmas

No I get that, what I'm saying is that a religion simply can't exist without denying other religions in existence

As in, you can't form a new set of thoughts without denying the former ones

Three branches and all that

Also I wouldn't endow philosophy to any group, how I see it is that it's a practice of reasoning by logic, in it's current form at least.

I see where you're coming from, true.

From what I can gather, Palamism follows the idealism approach for reasoning, although I need further reading on the matter.

Will definitely work on that.

Ah, the distinct smell of utter shitposting

Always a pleasure

>/pol/acks are retarded


hitler was the type on the left

even he didnt know what he was doing

no, I'm more of a centrist

I stand with the enlightenment path

and any national ideal don't serve that

lenin represents proper socialism

>free territory
>an authoritarian state

pick one

paris commune hosted various ideals

it was a matter of dominance only

do you get banned from this server if you impose helicopter ride memes?

ah was just thinking of that

collective conciousness

who really cares about trudeau other than leaves anyway? its not like he holds any power

merkel and kebablord

they're in love with each other



where are you from my lad?

Europe hasn't fallen yet

there is no hope though

also @kropotkin クロポトキン , apo is a kurdish nationalist, he would burn all the immigrants with fire

he has never been anywhere close to left, kurdish *socialist* party is a meme

I'll also let you know %90 of the roaches in europe today are kurdish, they are nowhere any better than turks

was that a huge copypasta

>get vanilla eu4
>games shit without $300 dlc
get fuckin jew'd

wait is that even possible like getting the vanilla and pirating the dlc

does that work with steam

>niggers this niggers that
you're skipping the part that sapiens were born and spread from there

they're our ancestors

moms, fathers, uncles

how can you kill your family dude

>unless they're turks

turks are aryan fucking retard

go kys in a corner

neo-ottoman/turkish empire is what's going to save the world

mark my words

>goat fucker

come to my state and i'll let you know about that

you're so retarded you can't even think that the turkish empire will be anti-muslim

I wouldn't consider puberty an energy source

how do you afford the internet

moms basement type of thing?

are you in starbucks rn?


based serb

even slovakia?

i mean i would consider slovakia p close

eastern bloc anyway


yugoslavia was a mistake

the concept of nation state is overdue

just migrate to west, at least you're white

jesus christ (()) dude, tell that to your cucked politicians really

muzziez demanding it doesn't mean you have to fullfill their every wish

muslims have been and always going to be a traditional culture by weber's categorization, they're never going to assimilate, it's against their fate for a start

just dont fullfill their demands

and you're good

dude just hero and end this suffering for the sake of your own self and your family



>human need struggle to progress

today i learned intellectual development is a lie

thanks dad

>universal truth

ikr, yahweh is a fascist by nature

I'm not saying anything related to the validity of fascism and all
but when you're imposing a political concept as
>muh universal truth, the code bruh its there
that's just retarded


like dude


is there an aussie here by any chance?

@Deleted User good morning lad

that's all I wanted to say

thank you, regards

Every belief is based on assumptions

is that hebrew

your nick

I unironically like jews

Godspeed my dude


paranthesis called it first

ought to believe him

claiming direct experience from god as real and not hallucination is an assumption

>Guy fawkes mask as a relatable icon
>take me seriously

The fact that we saw that spam for at least 5 seconds proves that there is no god

God wouldn't allow this

You're saying I'm not worth perfect attitude from god?

what's the point of existing at all my dude

toys for god's ego masturbation?

Why does the God needs to be experienced?

Ah, it always comes to that isn't it?

>dont try to understand god's motives

We kind of had this debate yesterday as well

It all comes back to "you don't and can't understand god with your limited brain capacity" thing

If I can't comprehend the concept, God can't expect me to believe him

paranthesis guy is still forcing nigger-promise meme

the answer is they dont but they learn

>your senses deceive you
>pure logic is what you need

yeah nice try

I like black people

good culture

no I unironically like jazz


it's not, it's going to be in 20 or so years

whites will be minority


There is more autism among whites

There's nothing to defend about white people, %96 of them are illiterate

hell I'm a weak ass mind

I was a muslim like 2 days ago

I'm a lutherinist now

>falling west

soon brothers, soon


It was only a matter of time they had to finish ISIS, which was west's project from the beginning, after the public opinion got so woke about it

@Deleted User haha, a sight for eyes

I wish

I'm legit fucking scared to listen to nasheed

Cause like tinfoil

Ok here goes, if I got caught, I'm ratting you Chopin

I'm listening that

To don't bully parenthesis

He seems retarded but he's an ok guy

He's a special child

You know that the whole concept of discord is actually a product of your imagination right

You're just projecting

My schizo friend

What happens on high levels

So a year ago?

Still have symptoms?

He can't

He can never leave your imagination

I bet she's also a gamer

That's what you get with gaming degens

We will never know my lad

Its like a legend that's being told among discord servers

Who is he, what's he doing, is he real

No one knows

P wild

Try though

Why don't I see your 'typing' thing

Re you an anonymous haxor

Is being schizo something to be proud of

No one asks if you have schizo when you meet them

Nor cares

You have to tell them to know about it

I'm saying its 'notable' only in certain circumstances

Yep, I see

I can confess if you're not going to be weird

I'm female, though that doesn't change the fact that I'm a product of your imagination

You're not, I don't have consciousness and I can't think

I'm only a fragment programmed in your brain

Which Satan?

As in the Christian one?


But they can't know the image in your mind, only guess

I'm a citizen of world

0: indeed

I can solve almost any problem that can ever occur

What's in it for me though

It was someone banging on his door

He got killed



my $5 walmart headset broke

no mic

is that russian


Черт возьми, что случилось

Люди на этом сервере слегка запаздывают

Не обращайте на них внимания

Хорошо поймать тебя позже

Да здравствует мать россия

huh, didn't know you were an /x/ fag paranthesis

why are you being a faggot instead of being on the path of enlightenment

you're stepping the line with believing in ancient teachings

you're spiritual my man

god bless us

and who possesses this knowledge now?

what are they doing with that knowledge?

anything visible?

or they don't want to attract attention?


>bird brain

that phrase is really familiar

whats your native language?

are you one of those who believes this shit about pineal gland

i was asking @Sampuka 's native language

ah gotcha

ye i swear i heard that somewhere as an insult in native language

crows are smarter than you are tbh paranthesis


being a bird isn't dude,

birds are beautiful

and his avatar is a crow, i'd be okay with reincarnating as a crow tbqh

@Sampuka you're beautiful bb, don't let anyone tell you otherwise

i don't see anyone that has ever interacted with you managing to enjoy life paranthesis

i'm immune to your shit though

p much


like i'm legit asking

are you saying you see the bad and corrupt in people

in a way

over a virtual platform?

so they'll open up?

i mean i can see that, you're holding the red pill flag

you're overdoing it

and people have a short attention span


thats philosophy 101 my dude

so you're essentially a rusky?

ye bruh modern medication is all bout bluepill


thousands of people die each day paranthesis

and those people would eventually die yknow

death is inevitable

you mean kabbalah?

haha you're tingling my jimmies

I'm actually p high in lhp

don't tell anyone tho

no, please enlighten me

my lad, i just said i'm involved in lhp

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