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Great, how do I join?

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Not enough meth and mass murder

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needs more challengers

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@Doctor Mayhem Is that a tactical bowl cut?

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helps him blend in with the blacks

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they never see it coming

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its why elliot rodgers wasnt succesful.
when his haircut was knocking on the sorority they were like, fuck this guy hes gonna kill us

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A leader of the Black Lives Matter movement died early Wednesday morning in New Orleans after being shot in the thigh, according to multiple reports.

Muhiyidin Elamin Moye, 32, was shot in the thigh while riding a bicycle, police told The New Orleans Advocate.

2018-02-08 00:01:51 UTC  

I should be surprised by VA putting that type "propaganda" but I'm not.

2018-02-08 00:02:13 UTC  

I don't think even Dylan wanted va to devolve into that.

2018-02-08 00:03:01 UTC  

was dylan actually VA?

2018-02-08 00:03:20 UTC  

Dillon, not of the Roof variety.

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@Goymen Sachs who dies from a leg shot what a fag

2018-02-08 00:03:28 UTC  

VA's head dude.

2018-02-08 00:03:28 UTC  

oh gotcha

2018-02-08 00:03:42 UTC  

major arteries

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im assuming?

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Dying from a leg wound is common.

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Confirmed Dylan Roof is the new leader of VA, optics cucks BTFO.

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@NDO Eric - TX yeah, hit that main artery and its game over real quick.

2018-02-08 00:05:34 UTC  

Femoral doesn't fuck around.

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It'd just take a few mins to bleed out from that, unless you got shot in the ambulance already, you're chances are slim.

2018-02-08 00:06:05 UTC  

If it gets knicked, you actually bleed out faster than if the round goes straight through the artery.

2018-02-08 00:06:41 UTC  

2 mins of life, tops. That's why tourniquet's are so important to have on hand.

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Also, hanging around criminal blacks who are the type to shoot you in the first place. Something to avoid.

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But in Call of Duty the legs take more hit points to kill

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I'm joking of course please no spergouts

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@Victor MD don't matter if it's a barret .50 get shot in toe and your still fucked.

2018-02-08 00:12:05 UTC  

Or if you have the bloody mess perk your whole body will explode

2018-02-08 00:13:07 UTC  

These new cods are shit

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That would be the tactical bowl of none other the saint himself

2018-02-08 00:15:13 UTC  

I actually haven't played vidya in years, do all the CoD games have black tranny feminists in them now?

2018-02-08 00:15:39 UTC  

Bro, if you dont dont play irl on Hardcore rush mode your faggot, and i got no respek.

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A .50 to the toe wouldn't be an issue, but anywhere that's not below the ankle or wrist and you're probably fucked. Even then, your hand or foot is probably gone.