Message from BraeJager - TX in Front And Center #activism

2017-12-31 21:55:27 UTC  

I only custom make my stencils because you can't buy them as large as I make them. lol

2017-12-31 21:56:50 UTC  

have used these they work pretty well for the price

2017-12-31 21:57:33 UTC  

Those are the ones I got.

2017-12-31 21:59:32 UTC  

the tips on the w and m want to curl up. if you glue a Popsicle stick on them be for painting it will probably stop it.

2017-12-31 22:06:32 UTC  

Patriot Front has conquered Stone Mountain! With the help of Maximus Ga

2017-12-31 22:06:50 UTC

2017-12-31 22:07:02 UTC

2017-12-31 22:07:02 UTC

2017-12-31 22:07:05 UTC

2017-12-31 22:07:06 UTC

2017-12-31 22:07:07 UTC

2017-12-31 22:07:09 UTC

2017-12-31 22:07:14 UTC

2017-12-31 22:07:14 UTC

2017-12-31 22:19:46 UTC  

Nice work!

2017-12-31 22:37:27 UTC  

Looks like it was a fun day. @Chris GA

2017-12-31 22:45:41 UTC  

These are really cool. Good aesthetic. Also the photos have good compostion. Right on.

2017-12-31 22:46:38 UTC  

@Thomas Ryan It was, and it's pretty good exercise too

2017-12-31 22:49:58 UTC  
2018-01-03 02:04:05 UTC  


2018-01-04 14:57:45 UTC  

@Chris7577TX plz message @Victor MD about a guide for custom flag poles.

2018-01-05 01:33:13 UTC  

Wanting to do another banner drop soon. Any suggestions for what it should say?

2018-01-05 01:41:29 UTC  

Deport Them All
Keep America American
Revolution is Tradition
Blood and Soil
Reclaim Your Birthright

2018-01-05 01:42:10 UTC  

Communisms gay

2018-01-05 01:44:13 UTC  

Those will work, thanks.

2018-01-05 01:44:35 UTC  

I like the communisms gay one

2018-01-05 01:44:36 UTC  

the best

2018-01-05 01:44:38 UTC  


2018-01-05 01:44:46 UTC  

Sorry Hyena lol have to pass as enticing as it sounds

2018-01-05 01:59:44 UTC  

Stand by the banner and have one that says "honk for honky ethnostate."

2018-01-05 02:05:34 UTC  

We should try to do multiple mlk day banners.

2018-01-05 03:15:17 UTC  
2018-01-05 03:15:54 UTC  

💯 ⬆

2018-01-05 03:17:31 UTC  

Here are some common undercover cars they use.

Ford Explorer - notice the distinctive rims and that flashlight thing next to the mirror

2018-01-05 03:18:36 UTC  

Chevy Tahoe

2018-01-05 03:20:01 UTC  

Chevy Cruze

2018-01-05 03:22:52 UTC  

Undercover cop cars tend to have tinted windows, a ramming grill, the flashlight, and the rims, but sometimes they are completely normal so be careful. If you see any of these vehicles just play it safe. Sometimes they might even have a bumper sticker or two to blend in.

2018-01-05 03:24:05 UTC  

when in doubt, shoot it out.

2018-01-05 03:24:08 UTC  

Lol jk

2018-01-05 03:35:38 UTC  

Remember, guys. Postering at colleges is not a crime in itself unless you are using spray adhesive on buildings, which can arguably be vandalism, but you'll likely be okay if you don't get caught. If cops do confront you, go with it, and be honest if you give anything at all, which you probably shouldn't. The most they can do is give a tresspassing warning, which will effectively ban you from getting caught on campus.

Also, hanging a banner is usually against the law and is a misdemeanor or something, especially on a bridge, but holding one is not.

Of course, this is all what I would do, and it may be wise to do what I would do.