Message from Goodest_Boy in Front And Center #general

2017-10-31 01:01:50 UTC  

*Wonderful application.*

Name: Fuckyounazitrash
Email: [email protected]
Age: 22
State: IN
Political Ideology: Icameinsideyourdaughter
Drugs cigarettes: alcohol: marijuana: other: yes
Religious Beliefs: Having white people lick my ass after I take a shit
Reason: So I can continue to fuck your daughters,wives, and mothers and
Skills: Bigger dick than any of you white trash hill Billy's
Read Manifesto: No

2017-10-31 01:13:22 UTC  

Careful you might have a rap parody written about you

2017-10-31 01:18:01 UTC  

Texas State Police... Ha.

2017-10-31 01:18:14 UTC  

Worst part is all of the "cool posters" he's talking about were made by me ūüėā

2017-10-31 01:19:14 UTC  

2017-10-31 01:19:18 UTC  

@everyone Welcome our newest member from NC, @«∑uffing

2017-10-31 01:19:28 UTC  


2017-10-31 01:19:40 UTC  

Hello, nice to meet you all

2017-10-31 01:19:50 UTC  

What are you puffing?

2017-10-31 01:19:58 UTC  

What part of NC?

2017-10-31 01:20:08 UTC  


2017-10-31 01:20:41 UTC  

Cool. I was stationed in Cherry Point

2017-10-31 01:21:12 UTC  


2017-10-31 01:21:33 UTC  

I thought it was Duffing. @Goymen Sachs

2017-10-31 01:22:11 UTC  


2017-10-31 01:22:19 UTC  

Old english symbol at front

2017-10-31 01:24:53 UTC  

So [REDACTED] is the one who framed Tyler Tenbrink and the Fears Brothers.

2017-10-31 01:27:12 UTC  

@«∑uffing welcome bro

2017-10-31 01:39:24 UTC  

@«∑uffing great to have you

2017-10-31 01:45:46 UTC  

Thanks! look forward to working with you guys

2017-10-31 01:46:52 UTC  

@«∑uffing Great to see someone new. Make sure to edit your name with your home state

2017-10-31 01:49:00 UTC  


2017-10-31 01:55:19 UTC  

@«∑uffing Welcome!

2017-10-31 02:09:53 UTC  

Hows everyone doin this fine evening

2017-10-31 02:11:51 UTC  

Gud, about to lift

2017-10-31 02:12:48 UTC  

Trying to throw together some new posters.

2017-10-31 02:15:07 UTC  

@Thomas Ryan whats the message on those?
And @Ben - TX good shit manūüí™ūüŹĽ

2017-10-31 02:15:46 UTC  

Trying for more figure design, message comes after

2017-10-31 02:18:47 UTC  

midterm tomorrow wish me luck

2017-10-31 02:45:36 UTC  

Why does the ADL, a private institution , have so much pull with these guys? Is that even legal?

2017-10-31 02:46:01 UTC  

Laws don't apply to Jews, silly.

2017-10-31 02:46:20 UTC  

Sup Duff. Welcome

2017-10-31 02:46:39 UTC  

Technically it'd be Wuff ^

2017-10-31 02:46:44 UTC  

Damn, we're growing fast, love this feeling

2017-10-31 02:47:06 UTC  

@«∑uffing you Alfred's buddy from NC?

2017-10-31 02:47:18 UTC