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Also if you criticize spencer on twitter you get banned lol

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"promoting American Nationalism, instead of secession, is a plan that is Dead On Arrival. "

This is kind of a bad argument, in my opinion. AGAIN, IT MUST BE SAID, the nation =/= the state. In our vision, the nation secedes from the crumbling state. The American people bind together and become self sufficient, wherever they are. Circle the wagons at your doorstep, and don't take one step back. The nation is America. The State is a globalized governing body made of no true people or identity, the State cannot define or redefine what an American is, because that is bound in the laws of NATURE, not of man.

2017-10-09 02:39:20 UTC  

A State that does not adhere to the laws of nature is illegitimate, plain and simple. It cannot rule. Without the tax farm that is the American nation, the State will cease being able to rule over the various multiracial societies that are on American territory, but not within the sphere of the nation.

2017-10-09 02:42:32 UTC  

And I can't say this about the real "American Nationalism" crew, we're heading American Fascism, but I think most arguments against it come from a misunderstanding of what we claim to uphold as the American Identity. It isn't something current, or modern. It's a revival. We say it plain and clear "AMERICA IS DEAD, LONG LIVE AMERICA". This struggle isn't about preservation, it's about rebirth.

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I say C18 dindu nuffin

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But what do i know right?

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@SonderSchutz TX I take it you aren't referencing my rant?

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Some what but i guess in a extremist way

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What is C18?

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Look up Combat 18

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I've heard of them, pretty sure

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Yeah they did bad shit but also they made the kikes tremble

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Frayn brings up a reasonable point

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I think I read the thread, but I didn't really catch what the premise was.

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o/ Hail Victory

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@everyone Welcome our newest CA member, @Dustin

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Hail Vicotry indeed.

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Good to know there's other guys out here. Thought I was the only one.

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There's plenty, and we're picking up speed by the day.

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Most folks are probably asleep, but I'm sure lots will give you a warm welcome in the morning.

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Thanks @Thomas Ryan , I'll check in again soon. Glad ot be part of the group.

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It's like he's trying to be hard to understand.

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I find it kinda silly that the same people both make arguments that the origins of the US were based in white nationalism, and then say that the very concept of America (not just the state) is flawed beyond the point of reproach.

2017-10-09 05:17:07 UTC  

It is because they started their political life as leftists.

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Interesting take. That could have something to do with it.

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I just think there are lots in our ranks that have hated america for a long time. They may embrace fashy ideals, but anti americanism is hard to get over.

2017-10-09 05:34:23 UTC  

And dont get me wrong, i hate the goverment. There's nothing American about it, though. It exists in America, over it, but not of it. It's the people, and the culture and the united story of survival and prosperity I love.

2017-10-09 05:35:16 UTC  

I suppose it's easier to love a society that is mostly made of idealized retellings over the course of several years than one that still exists, in some form or another, today.

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Secret combinations of people that have taken over our state need to get rid of the founding people in order to get away with it. When the collapse comes we will probably be a small island of americans, but that just means we have new frontiers for lebensruam. Lots of struggle to make strong men again.

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@Dustin Hail victory and welcome. Glad to have you.

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@everyone Once again I need 3 more Houston goys for next Sunday's Op. I have the manpower but I want to use our manpower solely if possible. This is a quick op that will be very impactful.

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@Dustin Welcome Bro!

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@Dustin Welcome Aboard

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The kids in highschool? 80% of them were autists.

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And cucked beyond belief