Message from Donald OH in Front And Center #general

2018-02-28 22:55:37 UTC

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@Halfdan looking good

2018-02-28 22:56:19 UTC  

Besides, its not like we'd be able to assemble a nationwide group of good goyim that do things on a daily basis. Pssh, fuck that. I'd rather shitpost on /pol/.

2018-02-28 22:56:38 UTC  

That's where real change is done.

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Do it for that ^

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'scasm, fam.

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Blue A E S T H E T I C S matter.

2018-02-28 22:58:36 UTC  

I need some of those cards

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@Donald OH i got 500 on the way

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@Josh OH fucking nice. I’ll stick a few in my wallet

2018-02-28 23:05:25 UTC  

Just signed

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these are old but fun. i hadn't seen them yet.

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GA finally has a Goys Gym

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Paint the room or add a flag, take videos of lifts; great propaganda.

2018-02-28 23:24:01 UTC  

@joe TX I like how he says "under the guise". What fucking guise.

2018-02-28 23:26:10 UTC  

That's bad ass tho

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Whats his deal?

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2018-02-28 23:29:53 UTC  

They're talking about in a case such as with Cruz, who had cops called on him and mental health issues and a lengthy FBI file, where you take firearms from them, and Pence said specifically "without violating rights" and Trump went off with that comment saying do it first and then legislate.

He's not saying "take everyone's guns muahahahah kill whitey". Yes I am aware that the same legislation could be used to class "anti-Semitism" as a mental illness.

2018-02-28 23:30:30 UTC  

I’m aware of that. But he said “take the guns first, then go to the process later”

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2018-02-28 23:32:24 UTC  

It's standard Trump bravado. He says dumb shit, and that's not how it works.

2018-02-28 23:32:40 UTC  

Just blows my mind every time

2018-02-28 23:33:57 UTC  

He's an idiot.

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Lower your expectations for elected officials.

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This was supposed to be different though. That’s the reason he won

2018-02-28 23:35:05 UTC  

Lower your expectations for elected officials further.

2018-02-28 23:36:26 UTC  

I've lowered my expectations in reality.

2018-02-28 23:36:35 UTC  

Clown world is secretly hell.