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2019-06-01 03:20:26 UTC  

Then he'll be able to gloat to his shitbag stalinist friends like he won

2019-06-01 03:20:38 UTC  

Fucking shit.

2019-06-01 03:20:46 UTC  

You're your not wrong

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2019-06-01 03:20:58 UTC  

Let him talk shit

2019-06-01 03:21:05 UTC  

He's just a douchebag statist leftist

2019-06-01 03:21:12 UTC  

Fuck him for bringing veterans into it

2019-06-01 03:21:57 UTC  

He thinks just because he's a "soldier of the revolution" that he's somehow qualified to say shit like that. Classist little shit

2019-06-01 03:22:00 UTC  

He doesn't know shit

2019-06-01 03:22:11 UTC  

He's probably like most of these statist commie shitbags

2019-06-01 03:22:23 UTC  

Wait till the shit starts. Caint wait till those fuckers get to taste their own words

2019-06-01 03:22:34 UTC  

Well taken care of, never suffered, never known what it is to be truly working class like most of us

2019-06-01 03:22:36 UTC  

But guys

2019-06-01 03:22:39 UTC  

i got it

2019-06-01 03:23:16 UTC  

check the comments

2019-06-01 03:23:17 UTC  

ReAl CoMmUnIsM HaSnT BeEn TrIeD

2019-06-01 03:23:35 UTC  

dropped my favorite pic of communism

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2019-06-01 03:23:44 UTC  

Screenshot that shit

2019-06-01 03:23:50 UTC  

I'm not on my Facebook atm

2019-06-01 03:23:55 UTC  

I wanna see

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2019-06-01 03:25:10 UTC  

oddly slow with the response now

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2019-06-01 03:25:39 UTC  

i love how not alot of people knoow about the "meat" markets

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2019-06-01 03:26:07 UTC  

I wonder if Russian babooshka is tasty or not

2019-06-01 03:26:20 UTC  

(Had to)

2019-06-01 03:26:58 UTC  

Bet he retreated to his safe space

2019-06-01 03:27:18 UTC  

See these guys? THIS is what it is to be working class. Not that fucking douche

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2019-06-01 03:28:18 UTC  

Kinda wanna make a post of that but that might be political

2019-06-01 03:28:41 UTC  

ya i love when they talk of the working class

2019-06-01 03:28:47 UTC  

Guys like that really annoy me because they are exactly the type of people that think that if a Communist revolution ever took place in the United States, they would automatically be gifted with some kind of well paying, well-to-do job that would require very little manual labor on their parts. In other words, they would basically be nothing more than glorified, card carrying party members. The truth is if a Communist revolution ever did take place in the United States, those idiots who think that about themselves would probably end up as nothing more than menial labor

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2019-06-01 03:30:38 UTC  

Even though that I am a libertarian socialist, or at least that's what my political ideology is most closely associated with, I am actually working class. I have experienced poverty. I know what it is to not know where the food money is going to be coming from, and I'd actually know how much a gallon of milk a costs. So when I see idiots like that, my 1st thought is wow, you really have no idea what any of these movements actually are

2019-06-01 03:30:46 UTC  

The cure for commies