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2018-02-15 19:12:31 UTC  

He's a fucking sperg who threatened government staffers with "Don't mess with the ROF"

2018-02-15 19:12:58 UTC  

Do we know if these guys are legit? I don't think its out of the question for this to be some kind operation by an enmy organization

2018-02-15 19:13:12 UTC  

If anyone of you starts threatening govt employees I'm probs going to have to kick you out, just to note.

2018-02-15 19:13:16 UTC  

I'm not normally conspiracy minded, but this seems so easy to fake

2018-02-15 19:13:38 UTC  

Only threaten owners of social media platforms

2018-02-15 19:13:45 UTC  

And don't mention PF

2018-02-15 19:13:50 UTC  

Like I've never heard of this group before and their twitter is 3 months old

2018-02-15 19:13:51 UTC  

So I know none of our FL guys we're in contact with any of these ROF guys, but has anyone in Florida ever actually heard of them?

2018-02-15 19:14:12 UTC  

And of course add the "if you put me into a legally justified self defense situation" in there

2018-02-15 19:15:12 UTC  


2018-02-15 19:15:19 UTC  

Fuck this angers me so much

2018-02-15 19:15:35 UTC  

Our enemy is fucking dirty

2018-02-15 19:15:44 UTC  

Or even that other church shooting that was stopped buy two White guys with guns

2018-02-15 19:16:53 UTC  

buckle up buckaroos, the culture war is about to get even tougher

2018-02-15 19:17:07 UTC  

@southland If you let things like this affect your ability to think straight, you'll eventually end up on the wrong side of a breakdown. Things are bad. Things are going to stay bad. Things are going to get worse. Things aren't getting better until we fix them.

2018-02-15 19:18:22 UTC

2018-02-15 19:18:30 UTC  

"The ROF hotline"

2018-02-15 19:18:51 UTC  

This nigga literally talking to the ADL

2018-02-15 19:19:00 UTC  

You mean the FBI front deak

2018-02-15 19:19:22 UTC  

No way this is legit..

2018-02-15 19:19:38 UTC

2018-02-15 19:19:56 UTC  

oh come on now

2018-02-15 19:19:58 UTC  


2018-02-15 19:20:16 UTC  

How is this real

2018-02-15 19:20:24 UTC  

what the fug

2018-02-15 19:20:29 UTC  

Pro Tip: Don't be stupid and advocate for killing folks directly outside of the law in your stuff.

2018-02-15 19:20:45 UTC  

Are they Feds or no

2018-02-15 19:20:52 UTC  

Does anybody know this group

2018-02-15 19:20:58 UTC  

I've literally never heard of them

2018-02-15 19:21:06 UTC  

Feds or Spergs

2018-02-15 19:21:17 UTC  

If this was Atomwaffen at least I would know they existed before the shooting

2018-02-15 19:21:23 UTC  

Might be spergs set up by spooks

2018-02-15 19:21:27 UTC

2018-02-15 19:21:34 UTC  

If it was atomwaffen, I'd believe it

2018-02-15 19:21:38 UTC  

They don't seem more like a group than anything

2018-02-15 19:21:39 UTC

2018-02-15 19:22:01 UTC  

Anyone know if that's real?

2018-02-15 19:22:01 UTC  

It's the Feds

2018-02-15 19:22:16 UTC  

They've existed for awhile. Now the article doesn't really claim the guy was a member, does it? Or just that he participated in a training exercise once and that he never met him face to face?

2018-02-15 19:22:17 UTC  

It is a blatant lie if so