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2017-06-11 23:06:27 UTC  

This channel will be used to ask the coordinators any questions directly and for others to see them if needed. Please do not shitpost or debate the answers or fill this with uneeded info. It should go Question, Answer, Question, Answer so that people can quickly refrence this channel.

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2017-06-12 00:24:58 UTC  

I'm in the Carolina Stormer Book Club. Is it possible to add a member of the club to the Charlottesville server?

2017-06-21 19:28:52 UTC  

Yes, if they are planning to come to the event

2017-06-29 03:25:10 UTC  

@GreatScott yeah, we'll probably have spotters dressed up as normies. We did that at Auburn and Cville 1.0. Once we designate a PSO, he'll be planning roles from spotters.

2017-06-29 04:36:39 UTC  

You should probably designate a PSO more than a month out

2017-06-29 04:37:24 UTC  

Yeah, we got called and asked for 3 PSD members the night before last time. That should never happen.

2017-06-29 04:37:44 UTC  

We ended up not being needed, but this should be set long before the event.

2017-06-29 04:38:13 UTC  

Is there a reason Caerolus can't do it?

2017-06-29 04:48:08 UTC  

I tried bringing up a security plan a couple weeks ago and the discussion didn't get anywhere, so

2017-06-29 04:48:54 UTC  

@Hand Banana take it up with Eli. I've told him this.

2017-06-29 17:41:26 UTC  

Great idea

2017-06-30 00:48:02 UTC  

I'll be a spotter... I don't really look the ... Uhhh... Alt right kid look

2017-06-30 00:48:30 UTC  

I been a bouncer and kick boxer also

2017-06-30 04:45:26 UTC  

I thought it prudent to ask. What kind of legal defense do we have on our side for if but more likely when antifa and the leftwing establishment in cville tries to fuck us

2017-06-30 14:05:33 UTC  

<@&321389309162815488> Can you unlock the fucking Safety Squad channel so we can organize PSD and Street Level shit please

2017-06-30 15:02:26 UTC  

@Hand Banana it will be unlocked once we have a PSO and he designates his PSD teams.

2017-06-30 15:02:52 UTC  

At that point, it'll only be available to the PSO and individuals designated as PSD.

2017-06-30 15:05:06 UTC  

@Eli Mosley or @MadDimension Please respond when one of you two has time

2017-06-30 16:28:08 UTC  

Thinking of PSD me and my guys that pulled security for The DC rally are coming down for this

2017-06-30 17:25:37 UTC  

@HueTheHand myself or the PSO will contact you once we actually designate a PSO.

2017-06-30 18:14:43 UTC  

The LS will have a security detail for Dr. Hill. Would y'all like for them to coordinate with the main PSO?

2017-06-30 18:33:41 UTC  

I created a special antifa research group on fb if anyone wants to join

2017-06-30 19:14:53 UTC  

@crockett yes. I'll add you to the <#321379304007008276> channel

2017-07-04 21:31:57 UTC  

Oi someone add me to the safety squaddie group. I'm IDNC with experience with real time PSD

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