Message from Bjorn_Sigheim - GA in Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1

2017-06-06 03:51:11 UTC  

Speaking of party

2017-06-06 03:51:39 UTC  

I'm expecting a full nazi party again. I missed the first one so we need to make sure this one is the cause of the race war, thanks.

2017-06-06 03:52:32 UTC  

I agree

2017-06-06 03:52:36 UTC  

I am so hype for this. I live an hour away from Charlottesville and missed the first one.

2017-06-06 03:52:36 UTC  

We'll be taking over the Downtown Mall after our demonstration. Best nazi party ever.

2017-06-06 03:53:05 UTC  

ain't no party like the Nazi party

2017-06-06 03:53:13 UTC  

cause the Nazi party don't stop

2017-06-06 03:53:32 UTC  

Maybe do a little Hot Topic run?

2017-06-06 03:53:50 UTC  

<@&321416859620605953> Would probably fit in

2017-06-06 03:54:32 UTC  

Here is the Facebook event page. Lots of normie Confederates and Alt-Light will be in on it too but if you're sensitive about doxxing use an anon account

2017-06-06 03:55:04 UTC  


2017-06-06 03:55:56 UTC  

This is the most colorful server. I'm so happy.

2017-06-06 03:56:13 UTC  

We're like a rainbow

2017-06-06 03:56:30 UTC  

Let's get beers at citizen burger while we're at the downtown mall

2017-06-06 03:56:49 UTC  

that place is tasty and has great beers on tap usually

2017-06-06 03:57:12 UTC  

cant wait for this.

2017-06-06 03:57:27 UTC  

Separate is beautiful 🏳️‍🌈

2017-06-06 03:58:08 UTC  

@Bjorn_Sigheim - GA did somebody say rainbow?

2017-06-06 03:58:53 UTC  
2017-06-06 03:58:55 UTC  
2017-06-06 03:59:29 UTC  


2017-06-06 03:59:44 UTC  

They should've just renamed it "Dindu Nuffin Park".

2017-06-06 03:59:47 UTC  


2017-06-06 04:00:00 UTC  

Check your Twitter kids it out there.

2017-06-06 04:00:47 UTC  

@Erika we are taking back the nationalist pride flag from the gays!

2017-06-06 04:00:47 UTC  

Fucking jews and nogs

2017-06-06 04:01:34 UTC  

Something tells me they are going to try and erect statues of Treyvon Martin and the rest of those filthy niggers who earned the bullet.

2017-06-06 04:02:02 UTC  

We respect the raimbow flag because the colors are seperate

2017-06-06 04:02:18 UTC  

@Wall Buildionaire They already have

2017-06-06 04:02:34 UTC  

Lots of murals to magical negro martyrs

2017-06-06 04:02:41 UTC  

Tupac got a statue in atlanta

2017-06-06 04:03:04 UTC  

Don't remind me @Goldstein Riots

2017-06-06 04:03:04 UTC  

@Erika place me in ATL-right please

2017-06-06 04:03:24 UTC  

@HipToTheJQ tell me you're joking.

2017-06-06 04:03:31 UTC  

Freddie Grey has a building named after him in Baltimore.

2017-06-06 04:03:44 UTC  
2017-06-06 04:03:48 UTC  

no dude, that's actually really common in vibrant urban areas

2017-06-06 04:04:08 UTC  


2017-06-06 04:04:17 UTC  

Remember when we used to name bridges and highways after white men?

2017-06-06 04:04:17 UTC  

The split will be racial. Everyone who gets and understands the racial issue will show up and get along. The Murican Patriots will cuck out alobf with the conservatives.