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Uniting the right will be a worthwhile task... But fuck anyone to the left of Hitler.

Confirmed from the ATL-right

@MadDimension we're with you brother

Good to hear

Put me in the ATL-right channel pls

Only dark beer allowed

IPA gives you bitch tits

We're like a rainbow

@Mark Vandal enjoy your tits


We respect the raimbow flag because the colors are seperate

Don't remind me @Goldstein Riots

Remember when we used to name bridges and highways after white men?

We'll have our most dedicated and best people there, but we give time for Antifa to mobilize with all their funding. Expect conflict.

If I take a safety scissor to the throat, get good pics pls

Vandal nationalism


Wolf Blitzer said it was a copycat of Charlottesville

@Billy Ray Jenkins I was about to post that article. I almost used it in my US history class were we had to write about something we wondered about that wasn't covered. I decided to do it about how freeing the slaves killed almost a million of them, since my professor is a black activist

23k watching Jeff

Written by Natalia O*jew*ska

26 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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