Message from Goldstein Riots in Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1

2017-07-31 20:06:00 UTC  

Thats a i want to know also

2017-07-31 20:07:49 UTC  


2017-07-31 20:07:50 UTC  

You can witness a live recording of the alc right rises

2017-07-31 20:10:35 UTC  

what does the other 11 dollars get me?

2017-07-31 20:11:41 UTC  

what about this 8 dollars?

2017-07-31 20:18:28 UTC  

We got some shekel clutching kikes up in here lmao

2017-07-31 20:18:57 UTC  

Just want to know where my sheckels are going fam

2017-07-31 20:20:11 UTC  

I'd rather pay at the door myself as well

2017-07-31 20:20:48 UTC  

just wondering if we BYOB or if thats what the 12$ is for

2017-07-31 20:21:45 UTC  

The 12 dollars is going to cost more than the 1.49 king cobras and olde English I'm bringing

2017-07-31 20:22:02 UTC  

>not hurricane

2017-07-31 20:22:20 UTC  

>not four loko

2017-07-31 20:22:53 UTC  

>not a triple ipa aged in bourbon barrels with orange peel

2017-07-31 20:23:22 UTC

2017-07-31 20:25:16 UTC  

Fuck water, I'm bringing a camel back of 45.

2017-07-31 20:25:57 UTC  


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2017-07-31 20:26:39 UTC  

I'm like that general who converted to Islam because it made him better and blowing up kebabs. Except I drink 40s and fight niggers

2017-07-31 20:26:54 UTC  


2017-07-31 20:27:50 UTC  

Popeye had his spinach, Goldstein's got his malt.

2017-07-31 20:28:47 UTC  

The rally is the after party with Billy Dee.

2017-07-31 20:29:12 UTC  

hope he comes dressed as lando

2017-07-31 20:29:32 UTC  

I actually think he might be dead.

2017-07-31 20:30:35 UTC  

nah he's just old as dirt

2017-07-31 20:30:44 UTC  

Nope, still alive.

2017-07-31 21:03:37 UTC  


2017-07-31 21:40:51 UTC  

@everyone Whatever name or email you buy your ticket with will be what we put on the guest list.

2017-07-31 21:41:07 UTC  

for the paid after party?

2017-07-31 21:41:17 UTC  

oy gevalt

2017-07-31 21:44:35 UTC  

@everyone We'll be announcing the location via the Discord a few days before the event.

2017-07-31 21:45:14 UTC  

is that a good idea?

2017-07-31 21:45:29 UTC  

Seriously like where is the after party money going though

2017-07-31 21:45:35 UTC  

shouldnt this just be DM'd to leaders and they can give it to the people they are brining

2017-07-31 21:47:48 UTC  

Paid after party?

2017-07-31 21:55:25 UTC  

@Munich it stands to reason that the after party will be a rented location and not a random bar that we might get kicked out of

2017-07-31 22:01:44 UTC  

idk if an after party is going to be appropriate depending on how crazy it gets

2017-07-31 22:09:36 UTC  

Oh it is appropriate trust us

2017-07-31 22:24:39 UTC  

@MadDimension I'm assuming ID will be checked to match the name on the guest list?

2017-07-31 22:25:52 UTC  

@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL no it sounds like people can use pseudonyms

2017-07-31 22:26:58 UTC  

At some point someone is going to have to card.