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There are currently two conflicting narratives being put forward here:
1. Nobodies ever seen him, we don't know him, he infiltrated
2. The guy in the picture is not our guy, and our guy is asleep in a hotel
What evidence do we have either way?

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The (((Government))) is going to want to devote recources into investigating VA. I'd be willing to put money on it

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Right. And who are the guys standing next to him in the pic? Do they know him?

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Are they sleeping too?

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the (((Media))) will demand it

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Well let them

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@Sammy Diamond nobody is asleeo, i just thought they were because they werent replying for a good while

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They won't get anything out of it except information on chad nationalism

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lol we will redpill the FBI

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@Sammy Diamond one guy said they saw him with TWP most of the event

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But idk if thats true

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Who said he had a twin who was accounted for? How'd that narrative die?

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the dudes mom said he went to an alt right rally

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I said everyone was accounted for

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I heard his mom was Jewish

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Is that verifiable?

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Facebook i think

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That would certainly lend credence to the false flag/infiltrator theory

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no, but that is some weird shit if she sent her son to jail likely for life just cause she wanted to false flag us

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Who's this referring to? Stories are changing in this room

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Stories chabge as

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As we learn more

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I posted the image that is floating around

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then i found this article

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That's more than just similar, they look identical down to their 5 o'clock shadow

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which goes into more detail

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We went from @Andrew-- confirming "VA has a guy who looks similar" to "idk never heard of him. TWP maybe?"

2017-08-13 04:04:08 UTC  

might be bullshit, the more and more shit comes out, the worse it looks

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Ok here's the story. Car guy looks very very similar to guy with Vanguard shield. Vanguard claims that the guy in said photo is asleep in their hotel room and is not the car driver.

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They promised to get us a selfie of the lookalike

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I want to believe

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I can assure you he's not a Vanguard member. We are strict on organization. He possibly grabbed a shield when shit got real and protected himself with it. Thats my theory, or its not him at all. Either one

2017-08-13 04:04:47 UTC  

i doubt he is a VA member tbh

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even if he was in that photo

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@Aaron - VA but you guys were saying he is in a hotel room with your guys rn