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@yeah dude "roasties" is 8pol talk. Fucking spergs who do this for fashion rather than to win.

Big fan of transition lenses too

This "he went to sleep at 10pm" story isn't sitting right either on a night everyon'e supposed to have afterparties

Not saying I don't believe you, but it's fishy

Right. And who are the guys standing next to him in the pic? Do they know him?

Are they sleeping too?

Who said he had a twin who was accounted for? How'd that narrative die?

Who's this referring to? Stories are changing in this room

We went from @Andrew-- confirming "VA has a guy who looks similar" to "idk never heard of him. TWP maybe?"

Literally two lines above you

Except the doppleganger, who's sleeping

This is worse than roof tbh. "I'm going to the alt-right rally, mom"

maybe he'll get manslaughter, 3 years, write while he's in there, come out as a leader, and in 70 years the history channel can talk about how his mom was named (((bloom)))

Oh the city won today, make no mistake. And Bellamy's on tv non-stop, making a career for himself

Shaun King's nervous

15 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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