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2017-08-09 02:31:09 UTC  

Oh yeah, that's old info

2017-08-09 02:31:19 UTC  

Those are the people that got arresed at the Inauguration

2017-08-09 02:31:54 UTC  

Yeah, I was just archiving some of the links so I could see what sort of stuff was on the website without going to the site

2017-08-09 02:32:48 UTC  

So that manual is probably fine to download based on the type of content on there

2017-08-09 02:33:16 UTC  

They sell buckets at Walmart for like two bucks. When they're at least 3/4 full we'll chunk them at Antifa.

2017-08-09 02:33:34 UTC  

That sure is one funky tornado

2017-08-09 02:34:00 UTC  
2017-08-09 02:34:07 UTC  

I opened the pdf in a virtual machine and it's just a weird document

2017-08-09 02:34:19 UTC  

You'll get blowback throwing open buckets

2017-08-09 02:34:40 UTC  

Like a satirical antifa manual followed by some white nationalist talking points

2017-08-09 02:34:47 UTC  


2017-08-09 02:35:03 UTC  

Very dumb tbh

2017-08-09 02:35:11 UTC  

So someone had too much time on their hands is what you're telling me

2017-08-09 02:35:27 UTC  

Looks like it! lol

2017-08-09 02:38:52 UTC  

Don't open hostile Google docs links

2017-08-09 02:39:00 UTC  

Pls delete

2017-08-09 02:39:10 UTC  

If it's necessary info to share, download a re-host it

2017-08-09 02:39:20 UTC  

Google DOXX

2017-08-09 02:39:27 UTC  

It logs your google ID automatically when you open it

2017-08-09 02:40:08 UTC  


2017-08-09 02:40:57 UTC  

i'll have to make one for my sock

2017-08-09 02:41:17 UTC  

they'll get 3 rings and a clip of a hitler speech

2017-08-09 02:44:12 UTC  

Hey goys were do I get shield check

2017-08-09 02:44:50 UTC  


2017-08-09 02:46:37 UTC  

Is that like a social security check?

2017-08-09 02:46:57 UTC  

I think he's requesting shekels for shields

2017-08-09 02:48:33 UTC  

No like if I can bring or not

2017-08-09 02:54:14 UTC

2017-08-09 02:56:45 UTC  
2017-08-09 03:27:46 UTC  

Lol, I forgot to mention that one of the Charlottesville Police Captains asked me if Kid Rock was attending

2017-08-09 03:28:23 UTC  

They have been scrutinizing every humorous tweet for significance

2017-08-09 03:30:54 UTC  

Should have said yes.

2017-08-09 03:32:32 UTC  

They were fishing for supposed evidence that our rally was going to have "too many" attendees

2017-08-09 03:35:19 UTC  
2017-08-09 03:35:33 UTC  

Between 0 - 1,000+

2017-08-09 03:35:33 UTC  

Updated the link

2017-08-09 03:35:37 UTC  

The pages were out of order

2017-08-09 03:35:54 UTC  

6 million, goy

2017-08-09 03:39:37 UTC  

Sorry for your loss @Grenadier

2017-08-09 03:47:13 UTC  

@Grenadier Been there before with a friend. Thats unfortunate to hear. But you're right its why we fight. Things could always be worse, a lot worse. We will win no matter what.