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@sophia.smiley322 definitely! Say hey to me if you're going to the rally tomorrow 😃

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Away, away, you don't belong in dixie

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Dixie DM me please@Trixie Dixie

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Best version!

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Posted a ton of videos of the torch march on my Twitter, don't feel like copying and pasting em all but here's one:

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@DavyCrockett nice job!

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Best fight of my life

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Vasilis dropkicked a tranny

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saw it with my own eyes

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Come the fuck on people. Tell me this was some infiltrators. This shit doesn't play well.

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It's not infiltrators...

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I see it being defenders by normies on social media

"How's it any different than blm etc"

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They have called us nazis for so long it doesn't really do anything anymore

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We aren't going to agree on this one. I don't think throwing up the salute serves any good purpose. We need to stay smart.

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Show me some normies defending that photo in particular.

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I agree it was dumb but it's not the end of the world

I'm behind the wheel on my way to cville from pa but get on Facebook and find the CNN story on the March, saw it there

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Heading out now myself, safe travels my dudes

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You're right, it's not the end of the world. I don't disavow them or anything like that. I'm about to leave Virginia Beach in just a minute and head that way. Pissed I missed last night. Don't mean to counter-signal the Roman salute. We all want to gas these fuckers.

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It's all good brother

Safe travels gents

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Does anyone know if coolers are allowed in the park? I don't even care if I don't make it home with it.

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There's nothing against it. Just know that the path in might not be completely unopposed.

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After the btfo we gave them last night I expect defcon aids today

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Why we fight today
My bad if I'm over sentimental but I just got hit in the feels. I just dropped my recently turned 3 yo daughter off to my parents to watch so I can fight for her future today in Charlotesville. Tonight will be her first overnight from home as her mom is an RN who works weekend 3rd shift...

As much as it scares me she may wake up frightened not recognizing where she is since I brought her in the house asleep, it petrified me she may wake up one day and not recognize her homeland...

Never forget why we do this

We must preserve the existence of our people and a future for white children

May the old and the new gods bless you all with beautiful healthy white children, it really is the greatest thing ever.

Hail Victory

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Speaking of children. This is the perfect to describe our Troll Army ready to descend on Charlottesville and continue the fight to reclaim our rightful future!

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"I haven't been this excited since....
I can't remember when!"

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Where's breakfast

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Fevs needs someone to help him find his way

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Rollin to cville like

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Carload of Antifa just pulled up next to me at 7-11 in a rental. They wouldn't even look my way.