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2017-07-11 20:50:24 UTC  

Is Virginia law 420 friendly?

2017-07-11 20:50:37 UTC  

I'm just shitposting

2017-07-11 20:51:11 UTC  

I know, but it's good to ask these kind of questions anyway just so people don't fuck up

2017-07-11 20:56:25 UTC  

Closer to the event I'm going to restate some things to the listeners of the podcast telling them not tobve retards and bring masks and weed and stuff

2017-07-11 21:02:39 UTC  

Bring masks and weed. Got it.

2017-07-11 21:02:50 UTC  

Otherwise I am retarded...ok, I'll commit that to memory

2017-07-11 21:07:56 UTC  


2017-07-11 21:12:53 UTC  

are we inviting retards...?

2017-07-11 21:24:36 UTC  

No but you have to understand that the general population of wn tier circles are just your average pro white 18-30 year old. If you take a look at the TRS radio listeners group for example there are a ton of people with like weed avatars or like college kids with photos at parties

2017-07-11 21:25:49 UTC  

Degeneracy is degenerate.

2017-07-11 21:27:46 UTC  

How are you going to be alt right and indulge in weed culture. Not just smoking but weed avatars and shit? Come on

2017-07-11 21:29:23 UTC  

Representative from Anti-Communist Action here. Nice to meet you all!

2017-07-11 21:29:29 UTC  

Looking forward to the event.

2017-07-11 21:34:32 UTC  

Well there are medicinal purposes for mary jane

2017-07-11 21:36:40 UTC  

Sure. But signaling niggerish weed culture is not one of them

2017-07-11 21:37:45 UTC  

Well they're just normies who started listening to the daily shoah because it's funny or something and they gradually become redpilled @Gavius Corvus

2017-07-11 21:42:29 UTC  

Sometimes I forget there was a time before I was a fascist

2017-07-11 21:52:02 UTC  

Hey hey hey, smoke weed every day - RG Miller

2017-07-11 21:54:28 UTC  

Dude, Mitch Hoob is a Yankee.

2017-07-11 21:54:55 UTC  

How the fuck did you get a cool name color

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2017-07-11 22:29:53 UTC  

<@&321402672764682242> Who's the POC for general security for the league?

2017-07-11 22:41:23 UTC  

He'llo borther @Hand Banana

2017-07-11 22:44:16 UTC  

@Hand Banana we have the SDF our own safety squad. Our leadership will be in the chat tonight. Who are you with?

2017-07-11 22:56:07 UTC  

The Detroit Right Wings. Our guy @Heinz - MI is in charge of general safety planning for the event

2017-07-12 00:03:48 UTC

2017-07-12 00:30:37 UTC  

Ike Baker with the League here. We had an internal security meeting scheduled for the same time.

2017-07-12 00:31:30 UTC  

McCarthy, I'm the Security POC for the League.

2017-07-12 00:35:19 UTC  

Person of color confirmed

2017-07-12 00:43:25 UTC  


2017-07-12 00:43:53 UTC  

Big thumbs Down

2017-07-12 00:47:44 UTC  

This is weak

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2017-07-12 00:57:47 UTC  

Also @The Huwhyte Ulf - VA I kinda wanna watch that

2017-07-12 00:59:25 UTC  

I suggest if you haven't watched you, that you should.

2017-07-12 00:59:57 UTC  

I would police these comments.

2017-07-12 01:00:10 UTC  

on the chat

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2017-07-12 01:09:09 UTC  

It's private now