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Lol...godspeed ADL

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Please beware of these dangerous anti-semites, homophobes, misogynists and race realists

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don't give those kikes any pageviews

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I made a modification to this box of degeneracy in my area

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>implying opposing multiculturalism is bad
GG anti-defecation league @Americana - MD

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@Americana - MD Well we know who took down our site for an hour. Stupid incompetent kikes.

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@Eli Mosley What kind of tricks are they?

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Howdy all, huge thanks @Chef Goyardee for the invite.

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Official TARR After Party Invite

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Welcome @Fyodor

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At least the ADL used a good photo this time.

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@everyone PER MY MEETING WITH LAW ENFORCEMENT TODAY: there will be a lot of cops in the crowd and brandishing a firearm is a crime so think long and hard about your use of weapons at the event

I agree with Enoch's take on this. Come in groups that can defend themselves and if you actually lose a fight to some mob of Antifa better to take an ass kicking than spend time in prison

If you were to discharge your weapon at this event you would likely hit a cop in the crossfire and get our movement branded as "terrorists". Bad look

2017-07-19 01:50:14 UTC  

Thank you

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good to know

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All future matirial or fliers shoudl mention this

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Yeah I have been trying to warn everyone.

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Okay, well, if Enoch said it, then I am basically required to disagree with it

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TL;DR don't be a dumbass?

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Are the cops sympathetic to us?

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I love how the Yanks countersignal guns all the time.

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Never, ever, ever trust cops

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They still have to do their jobs at the end of the day

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Don't put trust in them

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@Blitz-WV you guys car pooling?

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Individually, they might be good people

2017-07-19 01:52:05 UTC  

but they are still the tools of Zog

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Nah I'm working

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The cops are putting out 8 squadrons to defend us and posting up snipers on the rooftops. They are 100% doing everything they can to defend us.

2017-07-19 01:52:35 UTC  

Recruiting within police departments is generally a waste of time, too

2017-07-19 01:52:43 UTC  

Their job is to protect the city.