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2017-07-12 19:44:47 UTC  

Him being at our rally is a gross violation

2017-07-12 20:36:54 UTC  

This tranny is freaking out today! Shitlibs are scared as fuck of our rally

2017-07-12 20:37:12 UTC  
2017-07-12 20:46:27 UTC  

If we were allowed to brawl 700 on 1000. I would place bets and lay odds

2017-07-12 20:46:35 UTC  

That would be fun.

2017-07-12 20:47:31 UTC  

I would gladly bet on 300 vs 1000

2017-07-12 20:48:23 UTC  

Those trannys and Lenny's wouldn't stand a chance

2017-07-12 20:57:13 UTC  

Yeah I'm confident we'd come out on top of that

2017-07-12 20:57:35 UTC  

3:10 is a bit rough though lol

2017-07-12 21:03:32 UTC  

Bring shields

2017-07-12 21:03:41 UTC  

Kevlar plate them

2017-07-12 21:08:30 UTC  

Shields are good

2017-07-12 21:09:27 UTC  

You heard the man, everyone bring a shield... I guess smith and Wesson is the official firearm of the alt right now

2017-07-12 21:41:50 UTC  

Can we get this trending?­čśé

2017-07-12 21:54:54 UTC  

Yeah I have a shield and I love it!

2017-07-12 21:55:15 UTC  

Wow Kessler is a bigot?!

2017-07-12 21:55:18 UTC  


2017-07-12 21:55:30 UTC  

Haha ­čśé

2017-07-12 22:06:40 UTC  

@everyone Holy shit! Charlottesville Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy confirmed working with Antifa of the Seven Hills to have charges dropped against Antifa facing felony charges for violating 'No mask' law

2017-07-12 22:07:09 UTC  

Big if true

2017-07-12 22:07:17 UTC  

Actively impeding justice is what that looks like.

2017-07-12 22:07:27 UTC  

2017-07-12 22:07:30 UTC  

Report that shit to the state police

2017-07-12 22:07:30 UTC  

oh my

2017-07-12 22:07:45 UTC  

Watch "STRAY FROM THE PATH - Goodnight Alt-right (Official Music Video)" on YouTube

2017-07-12 22:08:04 UTC  

Nothing is ever illegal unless a Jew will actually bring charges and prove a case in a court of law before a jew judge.

2017-07-12 22:08:10 UTC  

Always remember that

2017-07-12 22:08:47 UTC  

It's like the antifa anthem

2017-07-12 22:15:40 UTC  

I used to like stray from the path

2017-07-12 22:15:55 UTC  

A lot actually...

2017-07-12 22:16:19 UTC  


2017-07-12 22:16:30 UTC  

Delet this

2017-07-12 22:17:14 UTC  

Good song though

2017-07-12 22:18:42 UTC  

yo i wanna ask them where they got that Hitler poster

2017-07-12 22:24:30 UTC  

I used to I said...

2017-07-12 22:25:16 UTC  

I went through a "fuck the system" anarchist phase. Not Marxist though, just was angsty, didn't know shit about politics, and liked watching black blocs destroy shit

2017-07-13 00:16:56 UTC  

I have a question about speaking. Are non-celebrities allowed to speak? I have a great speech prepared.

2017-07-13 00:19:20 UTC  

I used to fuck with SFTP heavy. I loved their song "First World Problem Child". Sad to see they've sunk *that* low.

2017-07-13 00:28:21 UTC  

@joerossaltright you'd have to clear it with Eli Mosley. We already have a lot of speakers lined up, so there probably wouldn't be time, but you can ask.

2017-07-13 00:44:22 UTC
Here's a thread about the music video in case anyone's interested. Bump this shit.