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During these societal upheavals, it's messy," he says. "A lot of bad things happen. And yeah, you're gonna have paranoid schizophrenics that get set off by the crazy things corporations and governments are doing, and by those who are exposing it to them. But we can't allow ourselves to become paralyzed. If a schizophrenic takes three hits of acid in the forest and sees demons in the trees, and snaps, do you cut down the trees?

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@Hand Banana So what you are saying is we must burn down all the forests? I can get behind that.

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Should we take the acid before or after we do this?

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Good night Wes Bellamy

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This is now an Alex Jones themed channel (again)

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Koba nigga

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I actually want to have a serious discussion on the difference between Right Wing and Left Wing organizational strategies and how we can leverage some of their behavior to assist us

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Left-wingers have a combination of centralized and decentralized infrastructure, because they have different kinds of groups. Some groups use centralized organization: they’ll go out tabling, recruit people, trying to grow big. Other groups, particularly anarchists, favor a decentralized approach, where actions are performed by the collaborative actions of multiple small cells called affinity groups.

The affinity group structure began in Spain: anarchists there organized themselves into small groups of very close friends who knew each other very well, because such small groups were difficult to infiltrate. Even if they were infiltrated, exposing one group wouldn’t blow the whole organization.

The American Left picked up on affinity groups in the late 1960s. They started as a means for organizing protests and turned into a means of organizing movements. To coordinate, they send members back and forth to spokescouncils. The idea is to create a very collaborative discussion. This is partly due to the influence on the modern hard Left by Quaker organizers — if you remember those lengthy Occupy meetings that just went on and on and on, it’s because that’s how decision-making is done in Quaker meetings, and Quaker organizers taught the technique to Lefties in the ’70s anti-nuclear movement. And it spread, because lefties in different movements talk to each other and work together all the time.

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@Hand Banana Ahhh you beat me to it. This article is a pretty blackpilling but necessary read imho.

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Its in line with something I've been saying for a while now.

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The left's ability to allow space for each group in order to up the numbers of participants is something I've been thinking about since the oathcucks choked out our guy in TX. As long as the groups don't attack one another, we all should be able to rally together, kind of like retweets don't equal endorsement.

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It's almost like the left knows, at least subconciously, that they are in the same boat. We on the right are infected with a virulent strain of Libertarian 'muh induviduality' and purity spiraling on both the far right and the moderate right the doesn't allow for use to be in the same space at the same time.

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@Goldstein Riots it's only blackpilling if the right refuses to adapt

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I don't necessarily agree with some of the points in the article tbh

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The part about how the right doesn't network and what not

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@Americana - MD it has been true until recently and we still need to do more of it, i.e. getting together with the alt-lite.

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I agree to an extent

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I think our weakest point is resources

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If you look, antifa openly states their hate for liberals, but still work with them.

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Much like the lawyers supporting those prior left wing terrorists. Or the academic institution infiltration etc...

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Yeah, that's why we need to get normies on our side, they have money. That's part of the reason for the constant talk of "optics." All rightwing symbols have been declared evil by the establishment, which then uses the media and schools to reinforce that view. Normies have been taught to be scared of Nationalism, we must help them break the conditioning.

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Thank you for returning this channel to its rightful state as a strictly Jones-posting channel.