Message from Jeremy in Athens #piraeus_politics_news

2019-09-10 04:59:04 UTC  


2019-09-10 05:10:06 UTC  

what the fuck

2019-09-10 05:41:19 UTC  

Obama Touched my spaghetti

2019-09-10 07:03:16 UTC  

Looks like Obama was Americans B.liar

2019-09-10 07:17:03 UTC  

Yes and so what boop? All the Ron Paul supporters pushed to get this known if if I remember correctly we were all just racists against the 2nd black president (Clinton being the first) and if he signed it he must be doing it to protect the poor poor citizens of the USA. So uhh, stop being a racist gods damn it!

2019-09-10 07:55:44 UTC  

Seems like a stretch

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2019-09-10 09:26:51 UTC  

So, once I returned home from the surgical operation, my microwave decided to catch fire, and my A/C decided to give out. πŸ‘Œ

2019-09-10 09:27:03 UTC  

@ETBrooD, I see you're still kicking it.

2019-09-10 09:27:15 UTC  

I'm what?

2019-09-10 09:27:23 UTC  

No worries; I repaired both in about an hour.

2019-09-10 09:27:37 UTC  

Alive and well in this channel.

2019-09-10 09:27:45 UTC  

Why would I not be

2019-09-10 09:28:07 UTC  

Don't analyze it too much.

2019-09-10 09:28:31 UTC  

How's your day unfolding, my friend?

2019-09-10 09:30:05 UTC  

@Boop / 브파 / C'thUwU, freedom of speech has been around for some time. πŸ˜„

2019-09-10 09:30:25 UTC  

I'm working rn, you?

2019-09-10 09:31:36 UTC  

I'm just going over some financial spreadsheets, brewing some more coffee and catching up on my lack of cancer in-take for the past 6 hours.

2019-09-10 09:31:47 UTC  

What do you have going on over there, as it relates to your occupation?

2019-09-10 09:32:19 UTC  

Time to roll out the guillotine

2019-09-10 09:32:26 UTC  

"liberal" "democrats"

2019-09-10 09:33:23 UTC  

This whole anti-Brexit (i.e. anti-democracy) thing should be made unconstitutional

2019-09-10 09:33:43 UTC  

What a waste of tax dollars

2019-09-10 09:33:48 UTC  

Sorry, pounds

2019-09-10 09:34:35 UTC  

`Should the party not win the election, it would then go back to supporting a second referendum and campaigning to remain.`

If you won't want us doing the thing, we'll do the thing anyway. <:thinkgon:560211224923734026>

2019-09-10 09:35:06 UTC  

The interbred, more of a Marxist cast, @Xaverius. I'd argue for their dropping of "liberal," given they're nothing akin to Locke.

2019-09-10 09:37:18 UTC  

I hear Kafka is spinning in his grave

2019-09-10 09:37:47 UTC  

@ETBrooD, would you consider yourself an advocate of individualism?

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2019-09-10 09:38:16 UTC  

Of course.

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2019-09-10 09:39:37 UTC  

Only to the extent by which entities must be restricted from infringing upon it. I'd consider myself radically anti-collectivist.

2019-09-10 09:40:50 UTC  

I'm very much on board with that

2019-09-10 09:41:08 UTC  

Morally radical individualism, pragmatically eh, gotta roll with the punches

2019-09-10 09:42:12 UTC  

I thought you would be, given your past remarks. You seemed to advocate for individualism in our previous discussion, which my reflections are modeled to serve that model. So, I'd consider myself a Classical Liberal, who has adopted Objectivist philosophy along my journey.

2019-09-10 09:42:21 UTC  

I'm sure you're familiar with Ayn Rand.

2019-09-10 09:43:22 UTC  

Indeed, ET. Pragmatism is a necessity to prevent an accidental subversion of your intent.