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too sexy

That's supposed to be Jinx?

Where are all the explosions?

Just to remind you

Vee should be the bard

Furries are the reason why abortion should be legal until adulthood

Doesn't mean I'm a furry tho. Also, it's great for triggering autists <:pepelaugh:544857300179877898>

@killsode-slugcat Yes, I once tried to associate with bronies (as much as visiting a forum in an attempt to discuss the show).

Well. I was once yelled at for saying "idiot" in the chat, yet another day, there was a very long discussion on which horse is the best to fuck.

I have not returned since.

@killsode-slugcat Oh well, it was back when the thing was new and that one interaction was very much enough <:GWaobloChildPepeShrug:407618817569718272>

Hi disco

@n0vitski nigga fucking paint more often, thanks

>playing WH fantasy after Skubmar

Shortline sexually identifies as a locomotive, alright

Scott Westerfeld's Leviathan trilogy

Probably badly drawn porn

@Mithradates Depends on how kinky are the situations those heroes find themselves in

...this is the Trojan war, so the possibilities are there <:GWseremePeepoThink:402867838580293643>

Of course it's a disappointment, it's weebs

@lemon lupin reuben Hey, at least we can assume you can draw if you're so eager to ๐Ÿ‘Œ

I tried to start up the tablet after four years of not drawing at all


Calling me rusty would be a praise

Vee right now be like


You could download thunderbird or something, have it pull all your emails in and then somehow convert the mail files it uses into normal messages. Or save them one by one - there is probably a plugin for that.

Nah, you can use it just fine

Imagine it like this, your emails sit on some google server, and what gmail and thunderbird do is that they access that server and read the mails. The difference is gmail is automated and only for that server, thunderbird you have to set up but it works for just about anything you tell it to.
Both read the mails and don't do anything funny unless you tell them to delete stuff.

Oh and of course Thunderbird can copy your emails to a local storage which is something gmail.com doesn't do because why, all you need in life is google cloud.

give google cloud your house keys

That looks like a well adjusted human person

Send the illegal immigrants to Detroit

Underground base in a mountain

2019-07-16 08:39:14 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

@TEABAG!!! Well, thanks, now I don't have to feel bad for not paying the exorbitant price of normie music festival tickets to go see Florence ๐Ÿ‘Œ

Trump's taken the negative trait of honesty and his speechcraft is only 90 so sometimes these things happen

Do you think he lied and he actually does like people who get captured?

Being retarded doesn'T mean you can't be honest

For a politician/big businessman, honesty is a negative trait, besides. That's why his speechcraft can't be 100, else he'd be able to keep his blurbs to himself

Clearly it's high up there otherwise he wouldn'T be able to amass such fortune.

...or else he put everything into barter after selling people their own inventory.

Lie implies you know what you are saying is not true

If Trump honestly thought that, then he wasn't lying, however retarded it was

No, the statement is incorrect.

2019-07-16 08:51:10 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

@TEABAG!!! Eh, I just like her music, out of all the hipster indie rock bands.

Powerwolf was pretty lame the last year, but this time they played Coleus Sanctus and there was less milling around (though that stupid metal mass thing stayed) so they repaired their rep with me a bit.
Amon Amarth were fucking cash tho.

Yes, he's a politician.

But once in a while he doesn't lie because something he actually thinks at the moment slips past his speechcraft filter and that's how you get closing doors to prevent aerosols from his hairspray to eat up the ozone layer <:pepelaugh:544857300179877898>

Yes, he is honest

But with speechraft 90, 90 % of his honesty gets caught and replaced with lies

See above


I'm treating this like a rpg character not a real thing

Negative traits can be mitigated by other stats

@Ayylmao Basically some internet hero sent her mom a cum tribute and some very kind words. I believe this might actually be an incel.

@Ayylmao Oh sorry, that was a headline, not a text. Yea, yea, it's about the decapitated girl

It's the frogs

We actually had a murdoor like that here a few months ago

@Ayylmao Some dude got rejected by a grill so he visited her on her 18th birthday, stabbed her and probably cut her head off. Then called his mom, said he's a bad person and he won't see her again. She picked him up and drove him back to the crime scene.
Also he shared his bloodied clothes on the social media.

Then again, she was studying japanese and wanted to be a japanologist so not sure if he's really the bad guy here <:thinkcide:462282415549841409>

Well there shouldn't

2019-07-16 09:13:15 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

Oh I do.

2019-07-16 09:16:08 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

I don't think we need to be equal. As for maggots, well, metal and rock fans have the history of being called freaks by boomer normies, so that kinda self-deprecation is just an expression of "eh, whatever, we're just gonna enjoy ourselves and not give a fuck about you"

2019-07-16 09:16:39 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

As for Dimmu, they were playing here just a few days ago. Didn'T go there tho, as I don't know anything. But it was a nice... atmospheric black metal while we were standing around <:milkshake2:580842238540775468>

What do you mean, if

That'S the only virgins these days

I don't generally hate people for more than few seconds, too much energy wasted

@Ayylmao You say that now but just you wait until the great firewall rolls over you too

Believe it or not, people who get ticked off enough to murder are not always enough to premeditate which brand of detergent is best for removing blood

2019-07-16 09:22:55 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

Neither, Masters of Rock

@Ayylmao Since I was about to mention what is in the video, I'll reeeepost the link with a gap in front of .com and you do whatever you want with it.

https://www.youtube .com/watch?v=zViyZGmBhvs

It was Hitler that had child soldiers, not kaiser. Smh, Japan of all places getting their evil empires wrong

@JackH670 Robots slaughter all human life, women most affected

I don't like seeing anime

@Bastard The second season of the game is basically that.

Clem is a bit older but yes, it's walking dead and you're a little girl

@lunemarie Pls don't I don't want to be rolled over by a tank


I appreciate Dana's daily reminder I'm worthless

Well, real life Mussolini ended up hanging upside down, so weebs can follow that example

2019-07-16 09:53:07 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  


2019-07-16 09:53:20 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

I can understand that, so that's pretty alright

t h i c c woolen tunics

@Ayylmao Ninja can't be see but pirate will just rise again due to his cursed soul

Handcannon that shoots tiny ninjas, BUT the pirate has several parrots

Handcannon that shoots hands

There's online courses but you don't get a real degree ๐Ÿคท

Real units, please

BMI is an unitless expression of ratio

So if you ask how much is 33, the best answer I can give you is 33

๐Ÿ‡ง ravo, Jack

@Uksio The important thing is to realize that one is a monster you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley and the other is a bodybuilder


Only Ghost Stories had a black cat, in the history of degenerate japanese television, yes

I thought that was Amos Yee

If it isn't from an anome, why does it look like anome

I don't eat enough ramen to be able to read that



It's not grooming if the child consents

@ebinmemes22 Could be a white knighting lesbian


@Coolitic Sargon is the cancer <:thinkgon:560211224923734026>

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