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2019-09-09 05:58:21 UTC  

Lincoln did it first

2019-09-09 06:01:28 UTC  

Roosevelt was the first to make it great again

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2019-09-09 06:08:25 UTC  

@!GPT reminds me of

2019-09-09 06:08:28 UTC  

For some reason

2019-09-09 06:14:10 UTC

2019-09-09 06:17:00 UTC  

***go away***

2019-09-09 06:17:54 UTC  


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2019-09-09 06:22:28 UTC  

imagine a wife

2019-09-09 06:23:18 UTC  


2019-09-09 06:23:28 UTC  

Ah she left him for the bull

2019-09-09 06:24:07 UTC  

ofc she didn't take kids, they are not shaun's

2019-09-09 06:25:54 UTC  

You don't have one?

2019-09-09 06:25:56 UTC  

too bad

2019-09-09 06:26:05 UTC  
2019-09-09 06:26:35 UTC  

that's inconcievably out of my league

2019-09-09 06:27:08 UTC  

you can't become a wife?

2019-09-09 06:27:09 UTC  

I'll let you borrow one for a bit I have enough to keep me busy

2019-09-09 06:27:42 UTC  

a closer milestone to achieve is a girl remembers my name

2019-09-09 06:28:16 UTC  


2019-09-09 06:28:44 UTC  

my thoughts exactly, but comparitively of more liklihood than marriage

2019-09-09 06:29:44 UTC  

My women always tell me "I'll call you by your name when you start calling me by mine" but I can't for the life of me think of any other name but "Dishwasher"

2019-09-09 06:30:29 UTC  

we're clearly speaking from seperate sets of difficulties

2019-09-09 06:49:24 UTC  

The white man who fucked the police

2019-09-09 07:12:00 UTC  

holy shit that chick is trying to make it look like she's got an ass when she doesnt XD

2019-09-09 07:27:36 UTC  

Vegans haven't got the protein for an ass

2019-09-09 07:35:24 UTC  

shit meme alert

2019-09-09 07:36:20 UTC  

It's all I could find in the GIFs. Discord doesn't afford me the luxury of having decent memes at my instantaneous disposal. 😉

2019-09-09 07:36:33 UTC  

i got 2 tb of memes

2019-09-09 07:36:34 UTC  

>all these hard working yellow and brown people doing their best to be the top plastic polluting country in the world with the wh*te man coming at bottom 20 but the media still says america is top dog

whiteys stealing our culture yet again

2019-09-09 07:37:02 UTC  

you prob live ina white c ountry

2019-09-09 07:37:14 UTC  

i can tell cause you have internet

2019-09-09 07:37:38 UTC  

i live in based philippines

2019-09-09 07:37:47 UTC  

you mean trannyville?

2019-09-09 07:37:57 UTC  

it wishes