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my art style is unique


im gonna try and get into a pewdiepie vid with my art

my entire style is "looks like a 5 year old drew it"

its purposeful i swear

is shilling allowed because i really wanna shill my reddit posts of my art until i get into a pewdiepie video

shilling ain't against the rules woo

ima shill my meme postsin shitposting

i would actually suck dick for upvotes ngl

C) suck his cock

So cum is a good source of vitamins


that should be an anime plot

It mets away bacteria

Vaginas are cool

I posted a similar meme the other day and insta yeeted it

I said I was sorry

You can't stay mad a the Pepsi man

Ok real shit guys what's with mecha anime and gay niggas

I'm on a streak of 3/3 of anime series I've watched having gay characters in them in a row

And they are all mecha anime

I sure do love implied gay sex in my anime

Lesbians do not exist

Guess what else doesn't exist

State enforced homosexuality

Sounds dumb

Butt fuck it

My stand is Pepsi man

Bob Semple is best Aussie tank

@Porkchop Bob Semple was an Aussie

He worked for the nz government

It's just like how Hitler was an Austrian but Germany gets all the credit





this is gen z humor


im not a fat cunt



This is how I'm getting into area 51

Good luck taking me down guards. I have 6 machine guns

Me and the boys rocking up to area 51

Me on the left

Bring back the German empire


God I miss the German empire

Is Wilhelm the 3rd still alive?

He died in the 50s

you are a joke

that guy just seems like he would hit on a 14 year old. i don't know what it is ,but those texts just make me feel like hes gonna end up in a chris hansen invesitagion

ni||ce ca||r


Australia. Still the only country in history to conquer an entire continent

Something Rome ,the Mongols and even the British Empire never did

Ahh yes a subcontinent

Here we call those states

Not all of it ;)

Australia is the continent

Oceania is a region

Just like how Britian isn't part of the Eurasian continent

It's an island associated with it

@Spooky Melonsame thing since they are physically connected

>that Australian border

But that's an out dated map of it

Honestly the term continent has such wierd terms and meaning behind it

Afro-eurasia is technically the more accurate Continental term

4 continents. Australia , afro-eurasia , Antarctica , America

That's the more modern way

Fuck it lets just drain the ocean and solve this problem

Let's just switch them around

Ok hear me out

Since Australia is the continent country

And all the earth is technically connected


Contentents are just a social construct

Their is so much furry porn of the no step snake

<a:pepeNerv4:528439555871997976> I didn't say I fap to it

<:pepegun:588019479401726001> I've communicated with fur fags

Those degenerates hold some interesting secrets



I'm no a furry

I'm many things

A climate change denier

A racist

A communist

A capitalist

A nazi


And a member of antifa

A proud boy

But one thing I'm definitely not

Is a furry

Oh shit I left my e621 tab open


Hello my fellow internet racists

How are we going to troll the libs today

Left wing gay dudes complain way to much during sex tbh

President in cheek



OwO wins election

I hope the next president is a furry

OwO notices your weapons of mass desctructi

*takes your oil*

*bombs children's Hospital*

OwO oopsie

Polekov are you actually a fur fag, your memeing seemed too on point?


Choose your words carefully

I'm not the one with an animal pfp

I know that song artist

He's a fucking fur fag brony

Why the fuck do you listen to him

He used to make MLP songs haha

God you just gave me PTSD

I used to be a brony

I fucking was one for a year and a half when I was 11-13

I made it to the 4th seasons , hit puberty and realised " what the fuck am I doing "

Then I became a weeb

Then I stopped being a weeb

And became a neo nazi

At the age of 14

Then I became a communist

At the age of 15

Then I was a nazbol

Then a conservative

Then a fascist

Now I'm a libertarian borderline ancap

I've been everywhere man

Except the libertarian left

Never was a hippie

Bannans is slang for Asian cock lmao

A bannana is a big Asian cock

Why the fuck you looking at the dudes dick

Are you a faggot

Let's confuse all the boomers here with our mild homosexuality

@SPOOKY Phil, Ruler of Heck especially the ones in jojo

I want to fuck Doppio

I wish I was a femboy

But I have a massive cock

Suffering from success :(

Literally double that <a:pepetip:527644496989519877>

Put the dress on son

All the Italian genes went into my dick

Salami hours

Japanese culture is superior

Traps quite literally made me bisexual

That's kinda bi

You just like femme guys

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