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2019-09-10 00:14:16 UTC  

The British and Kangaroo people do it too

2019-09-10 00:15:18 UTC  

You americans always have to be the special one neh 😂

2019-09-10 00:16:08 UTC  

One one side, there are countries that use the metric system. On the other side, is the country that's put a man on the moon.

2019-09-10 00:16:27 UTC  

And invented the internet

2019-09-10 00:16:36 UTC  

And the car as we know it

2019-09-10 00:16:51 UTC  

And the plane

2019-09-10 00:16:53 UTC  

We still broke the enigma code that basically won ww2

2019-09-10 00:17:17 UTC  

Without US aid the Soviets would've crumpled and eventually the British.

2019-09-10 00:17:31 UTC  

Luckily im not a britbong

2019-09-10 00:18:02 UTC  

Going from 24% of the world to an island the size of Michigan

2019-09-10 00:18:21 UTC  

And i dislike the british just as much as you guys do so

2019-09-10 05:39:48 UTC  
2019-09-10 05:41:02 UTC  

There are countries who use metric, then there are countries who used metric to put people on the moon, and then later lost a 10 billion dollar mars rover because they forgot to use metric and tried to use imperial leading to the rovers lander altimeter failing and crashing

2019-09-10 05:43:25 UTC

2019-09-11 10:33:55 UTC  

It’s zed

2019-09-11 10:35:51 UTC  

I lived in the states for a few years so now I sometimes say zee now and again

2019-09-13 00:09:40 UTC

2019-09-13 00:10:12 UTC  

What site is that?

2019-09-13 00:10:26 UTC  

Fireforce Ventures, these popped up as 'coming soon'.

2019-09-13 00:10:33 UTC  


2019-09-13 00:10:35 UTC  

Those prices may be in Canadian Dollars

2019-09-13 00:11:01 UTC  

Pretty expensive

2019-09-13 00:11:13 UTC  

I got my m83 for 600 rand

2019-09-13 00:11:28 UTC  

They all are, no matter where you go. Might also check Kommandostore?

And they will be more expensive as they're not in SA

2019-09-13 00:11:33 UTC  

Helmet even less

2019-09-13 00:12:14 UTC  

FFV is Canadian, KS is American if I recall.
I was talking to a guy in SA about getting me a set of 80s gear, but due to SA's outrageous shipping costs that cost more than the items themselves that fell through on his request.

2019-09-13 06:07:49 UTC  

Varusteleka in finland also makes pat 83 knock offs

2019-09-13 06:08:37 UTC  

Wait they do? Are they relatively cheap? I don't care if they're knock-offs, they'd make good airsoft kit

2019-09-13 06:19:09 UTC  

Yeah from what ive heard they are pretty good

2019-09-13 06:19:23 UTC  

What are they called?

2019-09-13 06:24:06 UTC  

Just say varusteleka pattern 83 webbing

2019-09-27 21:46:44 UTC  

Hay everyone I am now a Humble Bundle Partner. So if you guys want to support charity and also support me use my link:

2019-09-29 17:04:28 UTC  

@Springbok you might be interested in this, bought it not too long ago

2019-09-29 17:06:52 UTC  
2019-09-29 17:07:05 UTC  


2019-09-29 17:07:06 UTC  


2019-09-29 17:07:18 UTC  

You lucky bugger

2019-09-29 17:07:26 UTC  

You scored nicely

2019-09-29 17:07:54 UTC  

It was on UK eBay too

2019-09-29 17:07:58 UTC  

I saw some ricefleck trousers yesterday

2019-09-29 17:07:58 UTC