Message from Stephanie in Fitness #nutrition

2017-12-08 18:41:54 UTC  

fuck left vs right

2017-12-08 18:42:00 UTC  

the true war is carb vs no carb

2017-12-08 18:42:07 UTC  

Lol carbs are bad cuz of pop tarts.

2017-12-08 18:42:22 UTC  

the holy carb wars have begun

2017-12-08 18:42:42 UTC  

I am sure potatoes lower your test levels too. Bro science says so

2017-12-08 18:43:22 UTC  

Well, the multiculturalist want ot shove processed food into our mouths and filth into our eyes and ears from controlled media so we stay feeble, preoccupied and docile because of low T

2017-12-08 18:45:31 UTC  

>I eat like caveman! Arrr
>so mainly insects, larvae, grains and berries?
>nah bro. Ribeye and brok.

2017-12-08 18:45:42 UTC  

insects are delicious

2017-12-08 18:45:49 UTC  

fried grasshoppers are GOAT

2017-12-08 18:48:15 UTC  

Butter in my coffee, just like dudes 5000 years ago. It must be true because vibram shoes with toes.

2017-12-08 18:49:22 UTC  

the tibetan lamas drink butter tea actually

2017-12-08 18:49:34 UTC  

they claim it is highly beneficial

2017-12-08 18:49:36 UTC  

People do that to coffee?

2017-12-08 18:49:52 UTC  

i think it’s called bullet coffee

2017-12-08 18:50:16 UTC  

wait it’s bulletproof

2017-12-08 18:50:27 UTC  

supposed to burn fat but I think it’s bs

2017-12-08 18:51:31 UTC  

I put coconut milk in mine, not bad

2017-12-08 18:56:38 UTC  

Coconut milk so good

2017-12-08 18:57:13 UTC  

I find it a good alternative to dairy, especially for a coffee creamer

2017-12-08 18:57:45 UTC  

I’ve only had almond and I’m not the biggest fan. I only use it for shakes and cereal

2017-12-08 18:58:01 UTC  

does coconut milk taste too coconutty??????

2017-12-08 18:58:38 UTC  

No it doesn't taste coconutty some brands are more coconutty than others though

2017-12-08 18:58:47 UTC  

I've been blending it with cocoa powder, stevia and coffee and it's a pretty good "mocha"

2017-12-08 18:59:19 UTC  

I know SILK makes almond and coconut blended together. I may try that

2017-12-08 18:59:41 UTC  

It's pretty good

2017-12-08 18:59:46 UTC

2017-12-08 18:59:55 UTC  

This is my favourite brand

2017-12-08 19:00:04 UTC  

I'm in Saudi right now and all I can find is canned crap

2017-12-08 19:00:04 UTC  

coconut milk is a way of life

2017-12-08 19:00:11 UTC  

It has the most neutral flavor

2017-12-08 19:00:25 UTC  

coconut>almond milk

2017-12-08 19:00:34 UTC  

Almond milk tastes like soggy almonds and water

2017-12-08 19:00:38 UTC  


2017-12-08 19:00:45 UTC  

but I tolerate it since I hate drinking dairy milk

2017-12-08 19:00:55 UTC  

Yeah me too lol

2017-12-08 19:01:20 UTC  

@Deleted User i may try your mocha recipe. I spend too much money at Starbucks

2017-12-08 19:01:31 UTC  

I tried all kinds of non dairy milks and coconut has been my favourite still

2017-12-08 19:02:00 UTC  

@Stephanie , it's not bad if you have good ingredients

2017-12-08 19:02:07 UTC  

same. coconut is one of the best types of fats as well

2017-12-08 19:02:21 UTC  

Agreed. I cook with coconut oil

2017-12-08 19:02:41 UTC  

Coconut oil is the best