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2018-10-09 01:37:05 UTC  

🐍 🍹

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2018-10-09 01:38:21 UTC  

Really? It tastes awful.

2018-10-09 01:38:42 UTC  

im from texas tho

2018-10-09 01:39:22 UTC  

u gotta ask some of 'em limp wrist northern boys cause u have similar tastes

2018-10-09 01:39:45 UTC  

I'm not sure we're talking about the same thing. I mean the snake diet?

2018-10-09 01:40:26 UTC  

2L H2O, 1tsp KCl, 0.5 tsp NaCl, 1 tsp NaCO3 ?

2018-10-09 01:40:44 UTC  

And fast 48+ Hours, break fast with a keto meal?

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2018-10-09 01:47:58 UTC  

It seems like a meme. I was having great success (30 pounds down in less than two months) with Keto, skipped breakfasts, stronglifts 5x5 and sprints/calisthentics on off days). But I injured my back and I haven't been able to exercise in 8 days. Thought Snake Diet cold help me keep weight off until I can lift again.

2018-10-09 01:48:21 UTC  

Report back with results wood ape

2018-10-09 01:48:33 UTC  

Gonna do 48-72 to start.

2018-10-09 01:50:11 UTC  

May the cat of willpower be with you

2018-10-09 01:54:08 UTC  

Actually I'll give it a shot with you. I am up for experimenting in the name of knowledge to share with IE

2018-10-09 01:54:14 UTC  

I'll start tomorrow

2018-10-09 01:54:55 UTC  

Got the "no salt" KCl?

2018-10-09 01:55:06 UTC  

My local grocery store had it.

2018-10-09 01:56:41 UTC  

I'll swing by the grocer on the way out. I'll be out of town on business the next two days so it's a perfect time to start

2018-10-09 01:56:47 UTC  

I'm reading about it now

2018-10-09 01:57:18 UTC  

Cole Robinson seems maybe crazy. And maybe the success stories on 4 /fit/ are trolls. We'll see?

2018-10-09 02:43:59 UTC  

Only one way to know.

2018-10-09 02:44:31 UTC  

When he talks about refeeds, is that just a single meal? Is there a dietary restriction on it? Caloric?

2018-10-09 02:46:17 UTC  

My impression is that it's a keto meal, yes. It can be big (for you).

2018-10-09 02:46:25 UTC  

Or at least low-carb

2018-10-09 03:09:13 UTC  

I'll just do it keto, then

2018-10-09 03:19:56 UTC  

Well, here goes nothing. Got my snake juice ready.

2018-10-09 03:51:25 UTC  

I actually like the taste

2018-10-09 06:31:40 UTC  

I am thirsty... I want to drink regular water. I guess that's not allowed? How does one exercise on this stuff?

2018-10-09 06:40:50 UTC  

Pretty sure you can drink regular water. You just have to be sure to get that 2L of snake juice

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2018-10-09 06:47:18 UTC  

It's only snake juice haha

2018-10-09 06:48:08 UTC  

You can dilute it more though apparently, just use more water with same ingredients

2018-10-09 20:49:15 UTC  

Why is it so hard for some people to gain weight?

2018-10-09 20:49:24 UTC  

Do they just not enjoy eating?

2018-10-09 20:49:47 UTC  

That's it right there

2018-10-09 20:49:58 UTC  

Their enjoyment of eating is low

2018-10-09 20:50:34 UTC  

I think everyone likes to eat, but they probably have never really loved eating, and gotten their stomachs used to eating small amounts their whole life

2018-10-09 20:50:43 UTC  

Half conditioning/half attitude

2018-10-09 20:53:19 UTC  

I can't decide if that's good or bad. On one side, I'd like to want to gain weight, because then I'd be able to eat as much as I want. On the other side, I want to enjoy eating, and it sounds like to get to that point, you have to not really enjoy it.

2018-10-09 21:14:40 UTC  

literaly just stuff yourself and train right