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Involves cycling ^^^

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Thankfully found some balance to the pozz

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Any foodies here need to take up cycling. 2,200 calories burned in one ride.

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how fatigued does that make you?

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Depends how hard I push. I can go at a walking pace equivalent, a jogging pace, a running pace, a sprinting pace. Strava will also calculate the training load based on heart rate and power meter to see how long of a recovery you need for the intensity you exerted.

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I went decently hard on this ride, so more than 24 hours for full recovery, but no so hard that I need a day off of exercising.

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I'm interested in seeing the math behind that

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@Tanner - SC I want to get into cycling. I now live in a city and know nothing about good bike brands. Aside from obviously googling for resources on my own time, what would be a good starting point for getting into cycling seriously?

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And by seriously I mean tracking my workouts like you do so I receive that data, a serious but hopefully affordable bike brand, and maybe an app for finding popular cycling routes.

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* Determine if you want to do road cycling or mountain biking or a bike that’s a mix of the two. They’re kind of like trucks vs cars, quite different designs
* Trek is my most recommended brand. They are the only brand 100% owned by Americans, based in rural Wisconsin, and have pro-America names for their products like “Boone” and “Crocket”. The biggest brand in the USA, Lance Armstrong rode a Trek for each of his 7 Tour De France wins.
* Specialized is #2 brand I recommend, they innovate the most, based in bay area California, sold 49% of the company to the Taiwanese. Cannondale is #3 recommended, based in Connecticut, sold 100% of company to Canadians. Giant is the world’s largest brand, but they’re entirely Taiwanese and a bit cheap.

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Strava is by far the most popular cycling app

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You're the best. Thank you much, I'm going to look into all this now!

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When you buy a bike, ask the bike shop to “fit” the bike to you and ask them about local group rides. If you want to read a book about intro to cycling, I recommend <> It also comes with a lot of nutrition advice which you are free to ignore (I like that part too)

If you want road cycling, you can enter at a variety of price points and still be fast. This would be a great start, let me know how that falls in your budget:

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@BryceB-ND any progress? Watching any of the Tour De France?

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Saw a big fake deer on today's ride

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This is making me want to take up cycling

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Mountain biker jumps over the Tour De France race today

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@BryceB-ND any progress?

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Hah no not yet ive never been as busy as i have bee lately in my entire life

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But 2 things are certain

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Im getting fat, and i need a hobby

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So eventually here im gonna dive all in to the cycling world

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Just before I snapped this picture, the donkey was standing with his face against the fence in a hilarious pose because it was the only corner of the yard that had the least bit of shade.