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2018-04-19 01:41:38 UTC  

we were texting a lot

2018-04-19 01:41:40 UTC  

and she seemed into me

2018-04-19 01:41:49 UTC  

she asked me to sit with her during a church service

2018-04-19 01:42:04 UTC  

and though i had to get up and help with the service, i asked her on a date afterward and she said yes

2018-04-19 01:42:10 UTC  

and before then she had been asking about me

2018-04-19 01:42:18 UTC  

her mom came up to ask me my name because her daughter had been asking about me

2018-04-19 01:42:36 UTC  

and she initiated texting me several times

2018-04-19 01:42:42 UTC  

but idk man

2018-04-19 01:42:42 UTC  

wow that's serious

2018-04-19 01:43:03 UTC  

i would just text her how she's doing every once in a while

2018-04-19 01:43:25 UTC  

I would say get right to the point of asking her to hang out again. If she ditches the second date-she's out.

2018-04-19 01:43:34 UTC  

No messing around, no beating around the bush

2018-04-19 01:43:44 UTC  

i was planning on just talking to her next time we see each other at church

2018-04-19 01:43:56 UTC  

and then asking her on a date once the semester was over and she wouldn't have a good excuse

2018-04-19 01:44:14 UTC  

Thing is if girls want to hang out with you they will make it happen

2018-04-19 01:44:58 UTC  

True, I'm kind of skeptical because she didn't offer an exact alternative time when she postponed at first

2018-04-19 01:45:41 UTC  

she said we can still talk at church and plan something once the semester is over

2018-04-19 01:45:53 UTC  

so i was planning on talking to her at church and asking her for another date once the semester ends

2018-04-19 01:46:02 UTC  

and if that doesn't work out then i'll move on

2018-04-19 01:46:30 UTC  

Oh come on thats ridiculous. Does she think you are some chump who will wait around for a month? She's wrong. You are the prize

2018-04-19 01:46:48 UTC  

She can't find one afternoon/evening? She definitely can

2018-04-19 01:47:02 UTC  


2018-04-19 01:47:08 UTC  


2018-04-19 01:47:30 UTC  

she also lives a half hour drive away from me

2018-04-19 01:47:30 UTC  

Is she shy? Nervous about a date?

2018-04-19 01:47:39 UTC  

and is 18, and doesn't have her own car

2018-04-19 01:47:55 UTC  

Ok so she is young and definitely immature when it comes to dating

2018-04-19 01:48:38 UTC  


2018-04-19 01:48:42 UTC  

she is young

2018-04-19 01:48:47 UTC  

but we talked about guns

2018-04-19 01:48:55 UTC  

and how great the liberal salt after trump's election was