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I felt like the part about climate change on last night's show had some mistakes, so I figured I'd type this out it contains some very basic info, not to sound condescending but because I want people who have no understanding of physical geography to be able to understand it as well. First of all, it's entirely true that the sun has an influence on the temperature on earth to deny that would be madness. The earth is a system, and a part of that system regulates temperature. Roughly how that goes is that the sun shines on it, some of that light turns into heat, some is reflected and some of that reflected light gets reflected back due to the greenhouse effect of the atmosphere. Many of these gasses are carbon based (although water is the most important, but I'll get to that later.) These carbon based greenhouse gasses(like methane and carbon dioxide) are part of a cycle. This means that the amount of carbon is always the same, it's just present in different forms. If we simplify this cycle, we can discern a long and a short cycle. Essentially how these work is: carbon in the air is put into organic matter by plants, these plants partially get eaten by animals, so the carbon stored ends up in all biomass we have. A lot of this biomass will be converted back into a gas form of carbon, then get stored in biomass again, and so on. This is the short cycle. The use of wood to heat homes draws from this cycle for example. This isn't necessarily all that stimulating for the greenhouse effect because a tree will grow back in a relatively short timespan, storing the same amount of carbon that was used to heat the home earlier. The long cycle is a different story however. A very small part of the biomass is converted into fossil fuels, like oil or coal. These fossil fuels then get stored in the earth's crust. I haven't had geography for ages so I'm not entirely sure how this works for land plates, but the tectonic plates eventually melt. With sea plates this is because they

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slide under land plates. Here all this stored carbon is released, which then makes it's way up and is released through volcanic eruptions. These plates move around 10 centimeters a year, and they have to descent deep into the earth to melt. This means it takes a long time for this carbon to be released into the air again. When we take carbon from this long cycle, we release it into the air, which will be compensated for by a lack of carbon in vulcanic eruptions, but it will take trillions of years for this to happen. All this time there will be more carbon in the air because it's not compensated for. Of course this could be compensated for by increased plant life and other biomass. I don't know if this could actually happen light might be the limiting factor, but I know it WON'T happen for another reason. Namely humans destroying forests and other carbon storing natural environments in order to support their overpopulation. I'll get back to that later, but for now, back to the sun. Obviously, if there is more light coming in, the temperature on earth will increase, after all the sun is the main driving factor in this system. However, based on the intensity of the sun experienced here on earth, the globe should be cooling right now [see figure 1]. Now, as for what this means for us and our long nosed friends, it's not at all in their favour even if they try to use it as they always do. First of all, the example of cutting down forests to build a wind farm is absolutely 100% retarded. The forests store carbon, and we cannot build enough windmills to support our energy demand. We don't have the space, we don't have the materials and we don't have the money, yet we're still destroying nature to build the things, probably because certain people want to profit from it. There is a clean, sustainable, relatively safe and far less space consuming energy source, namely nuclear fission. I know it's

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a wikipedia page and isn't really a good source, but you should read this While Uranium reactors can cause pretty big disasters, they're safer than any other source of energy, and should we get Thorium reactors working we'd have perfectly clean energy for as long as necessary to find a renewable energy source that doesn't require us to destroy all of nature in the process of 'saving' it. Why don't Jews capitalize on this? I don't actually know, I guess it's cause it's not as expensive so less money can be made from it. As for fuel taxes, yes they'd still be a good thing. People don't like them, partly because of the situation in France. Ask yourself this though: If Macron cared about the environment, and knew how bad the situation was, how come he didn't use those taxes to subsidize electric cars and trucks/biofuel/increased bicycle use? Why did the money go to immigration and his wealthy friends? Did he really care about the effect the tax would have on the environment, or did he just need an excuse to tax people? As for overpopulation, it's a problem. You often hear people say you shouldn't get kids because it's bad for the environment. That's bullshit. If you don't get kids, they'll import kids from elsewhere to replace them. People from third world countries are having ridiculous amounts of kids. This is often defended with the arguments that they don't know how many will make it. This is bullshit, I don't feel like looking up the source right now but it has been shown that if they get 2-3 kids, they almost always make it, while if they get more a lot more of them will die. Of course they try to fix this problem of children dying by sending food, which is completely retarded from an ecological perspective. Less children will die in this generation, the population will increase, more nature gets destroyed, more carbon gets emitted, but they'll just go on getting over 10 fucking kids untill that food aid isn't

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enough anymore and there's even more starving kids. The same thing goes for the not eating meat bullshit. It's true, meat production requires more agricultural land. But what do you think they'll do with that extra land that they freed up? Let the forests grow back? No they won't. They'll use it to produce more food for the third world so overpopulation gets even worse. If our governments cared about the environment, they'd immediately cut all foreign aid to countries that do not take measures to decrease emissions from fossil fuels and control their population, and put use sanctions against countries like the US and China, but they fucking don't because all they care about is that comfy position they're going to get at a bank when their term is over and they've pleased the right people.

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that's actually a lot longer than I thought it would be

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it's like 5 lines in notepad

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I feel like the discord format encourages absolutely tiny posts, everything looks like a book.

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Keep up the high quality OC.

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I just watched Blackklansman

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Absolutely disgusting take on us white nationalists

2019-01-13 02:33:46 UTC  

Just because we hate niggers doesn’t mean we kill em’

2019-01-13 02:33:49 UTC  

Though I’d like to

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Yes. Just because we're nationalists doesn't mean we wanna gut niggers and Jews.

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In Minecraft

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"White Guilt" is the "German War Guilt" of our era
------------- "The Marxists had worked their destruction, and the enemy propaganda poisoned our people beyond the reach of reason. We were not even allowed to complain about this disgrace openly. Who were we “little” Germans to complain about anything when there was such immeasurable guilt on the other side!"

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------------- "What had the privileged-class done to stop this dreadful collapse, to oppose it, and to clear the path for truth by better and more complete understanding? Nothing and nothing! In those days, the great racialist apostles, which we see all around today, were nowhere to be seen. They may have been talking in clubs or at tea parties among their own like-minded circles, but they never ventured among the wolves where they should have been. The only time they were with the wolves was when they had an opportunity to howl with them."
------------- "Even then I always advocated making a stand against misguided public attitudes, regardless of whether it was popular at the time or even if it generated hatred; I was ready to start the battle. The NSDAP must not be a follower of public opinion, but must become the master of public opinion. It must not be the masses’ servant, but their lord. When a movement is still weak, there is naturally a great temptation to follow the crowd and join in

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Finnarnes äldsta skaldekonst var troligtvis en
natur-poesie, hvilken målade gudarnes ursprung [2] och
deras strider med de råa naturmagterna [3], verldens
skapelse [4] samt det underbara på jorden och i dess
dolda krafter; sednare inflätade sig väl äfven
historiska minnen. Från åldriga tider röjer man i
densamma en egen riktning till det mörka och hemska,
och i alla nordens gamla sagor äro Finnarne
beryktade såsom trollkarlar, stående i förbund med
underjordens andar. Det kalla och hårda luftstreck,
emot hvilket de, oafbrutet drifne längre emot norden,
ständigt hade att kämpa, synes ännu mera hafva
utvecklat de anlag för det dystra, hvilket, såsom ett
utmärkande drag i nationallynnet, genomljuder deras
äldsta sånger. Fortfarande anföllos de äfven utaf
öfverlägsna yttre fiender, och så mycket snarare
föranleddes de då att söka besegra dem med dolda och
öfvernaturliga medel. Der ej vapnen förslogo, skulle

2019-05-23 18:21:34 UTC  

magiska konster ersätta den bristande styrkan.
Och slutligen uppstod för dem en helig strid, försvaret för
den gamla gudaläran, emot den af Svenskarne med
våld påtrugade kristendomen. Nu synas de hemska
magterna hafva uppbjudit sina sidsta krafter, och i djupa
skogar och otillgängliga hålor, utbildade sig den
engång tagne riktningen, isynnerhet såsom värn emot
fredsförstörarne, ehuru ock tillika för andra underordnade
ändamål. Men den nya läran segrade, och dess
heliga namn blefvo bland folket bekanta och allmänna.
Man föll småningom på den tanken, att anropade
fremmande gudamagterna, då de inhemska sveko i sitt
bistånd. Sålunda sammangyttrade sig uti trollsångerna,
under årens följd, kristna och hedniska begrepp och
åsigter; och nu anträffar man i dem Jesus och
Maria, jemte St. Peter och andra katholska helgon, i
den vidunderligaste förening med Kawe, Wäinämöinen,
Ilmarinen, Hiisi, Launawatar, m. fl. — På detta
sätt tyckes, för att döma efter de lemningar vi hafva
af äldre Finska diktningar, deras ursprung sannolikast
kunna förklaras, äfvensom det alldeles egna
skaplynne de antagit. Sinnet och känslan fattas
ovilkorligen af en viss dyster hemskhet, då man läser eller
åhör dessa sånger, hvilka i ett rysligt alfvar leka med
underjordens magter och naturens dolda krafter,
såsom med befryndade själar eller förtrogne vänner.

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Ancient Rome and The Hyperborean Ideal, written by yours truly (awhiteguy)

2019-07-06 18:07:02 UTC  

I believe that in all of Western History the greatest class of Aryans to ever live were the Ancient Romans (Ancient Rome ended with the conclusion of the Second Punic War, 201 BC, after which Rome was the undisputed and lone superpower of their time and their immense success began to breed hedonism, materialism, and weakness). Second being the Ancient Spartans, and third being the Waffen-SS and SS in general, who rekindled the greatness of Hyperborea in our modern age to a greater extant than any other class of Aryans.

Martial, Religious, Honest, Spartan in their lifestyle (requiring nothing but their Gods, Family, and State to be content), faithful and loyal to their spouses, family, and comrades, and a zealous obedience to and worshipping of their state that those of us born in this later and weaker age cannot hope to match. Even the very best of us are a mere spark when compared to the all consuming inferno that were the Ancient Romans.

2019-07-06 18:07:17 UTC  

Their greatness can be attested to by the fact that Roman Civilization more than any other singular European Civilization, contributed to the pantheon of greatness that is, or rather was, and could be once again, Western Civilization. Our legal vocabulary is almost a Latin dictionary, our scientific vocabulary *is* a Latin dictionary. Senates, systems of governance, and so much more can be traced directly to Rome. Also of course it is from Rome whence comes our Roman Salute (also perhaps being an Ancient even primordial Germanic Salute predating Rome, approaching a stranger with right arm out and hand open, displaying a bare palm to show you come without a weapon and in peace) as well as the etymology of our beloved Fascism, the Fasces being the symbol and physical embodiment of state power and Imperium in Roman Civilization. Fascism of course being eternal truth supercedes not only Rome but also precedes Time itself, but it is from Rome that we were able to name and define this all-encompassing worldview, it is from the Heir of Rome, Benito Mussolini, IL DUCE that this worldview was first formally named and codified. One of our greatest philosophers in the highest sense of the word, not in the lower sense of thinking for the mere action of thinking without having any effect on the human experience and struggle, was also inspired by the Hyperborean Ideal of Ancient Rome and sought to bring about a renaissance of these ideals: Baron Julius Evola.

2019-07-06 18:07:32 UTC  

Just as Greece was the founding of Europe, and Rome the fulfillment, so to was Benito Mussolini, IL DUCE, the founder of Fascism, and Adolf Hitler, The Führer, the fulfillment.

As Adolf Hitler said in his address to the Reichstag on December 11th, 1941, during which among other topics such as the bravery and loyalty of the Italian Legions, and reflecting on his failed peace overtures to the fat, capitalist, cowardly, homosexual, hedonistic drunken warmonger known as Winston Churchill, (may his bones be crushed to dust and his name and memory forever cursed by all loyal sons and daughters of Europe) The Führer reflected on the question of “What is Europe?”

2019-07-06 18:07:49 UTC  

“...And then the spirit of Europe shifted from Hellas to Rome. Roman thought and Roman statecraft combined with Greek spirit and Greek culture. An empire was created, *the importance and creative power of which has never been matched, much less surpassed, even to this day...”*

The Ancient Romans were the greatest of us, the closest to the Hyperborean Ideal which we all strive to attain, and I believe that it is by studying them, and seeking to emulate them, that we can begin to build the staircase of greatness that we must walk to transcend the wretched and pathetic weakness of our age (brought about by the Death-Forces, the Forces of Disintegration, so brilliantly outlined in the heroic Savitri Devi’s *The Lightning and The Sun*) become The Overmen we are destined to be, and explore and colonize, in accordance with and obeisance to Natural Order, the galaxy, bringing the good word of Fascism to the furthest reaches of space and time, and thus re-founding, or perhaps becoming worthy enough to be allowed contact with, Hyperborea.

There are sources beyond number which can be studied to learn about the rise and fall of this Greatest of Civilizations, and I encourage you to study as many of them as you can, but here I will present only one: The History of Rome podcast by Mike Duncan. Make no mistake, Mike Duncan is clearly, by his personal interjections and opinions expressed throughout the podcast, a pathetic liberal who cannot even begin to fathom in his dreams the true meaning, consequences, and spirit of Roman Civilization. However, the podcast does provide a good enough overview of the history of Rome, and an already enlightened and Fascistic listener can gleam all he or she needs to by listening, picking up on the primordial truths of Rome that the unawakened pass by utterly unknowingly.

2019-07-06 18:08:02 UTC  

Hail Rome, Hail IL DUCE, Hail The Führer, Hail The Aryan People, Hail Julius Evola, Hail Savitri Devi, Hail Fascism, Hail National Socialism, Hail Hyperborea, and Hail Victory!

"Il Duce" was stopped by the Greeks so I'd say he wasnt an all powerful person, he was more incompetent than Metaxas at warfare.

2019-07-06 19:49:44 UTC  

@Aftokratoras Νικος Μεταξας | ♄ IL DUCE still founded Fascism, and at least Italy was a part of the right side in the Second World War. If Greece was they wouldn’t have been invaded, and eventually stomped by Germany

2019-07-06 19:50:48 UTC  

IL DUCE was also Chad as fuck. Dude was a brawler, a common man, had wives and mistresses pouring out his ears, was funny as fuck, and refused an offer from the King of Italy to make him a Prince

I guess, only Hitler was taught, not any of the other axis folks

2019-07-18 04:54:35 UTC  

Fascism =/= NS whoever says otherwise is a fool, queer, and wrong

2019-07-18 04:57:31 UTC  

I got a text dump too if you like it, part of a greater thing

2019-07-18 04:57:35 UTC  

Judaism was very problematic for the Roman Empire, with the Jewish-Roman wars claiming more than 1,000,000 lives. Judaism, especially in its most militant form, such as with the zealots, was likely the culture with the least willingness to integrate and respect Roman culture - which was exceptionally accepting of diverse beliefs, customs, and faiths. Similar to the Persian and Macedonian empires, Rome's considerable multicultural tolerance to their subjects coupled with powerful control of military and political rule, allow it encompass a vast amount of land and divergent cultures. The social and pecuniary cost Rome expected in return was, for its relatively minor intrusion into the day-to-day affairs of most people was rarely the source of rebellion, especially given the accompanying protection it afforded. Conversely, Second-Temple Judaism was intensely exclusive with its concepts of genetic-religious descent, jealous monolatry, or monotheism. Being the "chosen" of god, a Messianic apocalypse where god violently slaughters many among every other tribe and God raises the Jews as rulers of the entire world and exacting the laws of the Mosaic Law.

2019-07-18 04:57:50 UTC  

The Jews greatly resented Roman intrusion into what had developed into an extremely uncompromising set of religious demands. Fervent religious intransigence brought about a perhaps unprecedented scale of ideological conflict; quite different from the traditional battle over resources. For, although the Jews had been repeatedly ruled by other empires hundreds of years earlier, the rise of increasingly fanatical sects, in combination with Rome's presence, led almost inevitably to violent holy war. Not all Jews were so zealous, and in fact some of their Luminaries had great curiosity and interest in other cultures. In particular, Hellenistic philosophy was held in very high regard by some key Jews - including the inestimably influential Flavius Josephus who uncannily parallels the biblical Paul in numerous respects, and Philo of Alexandria who came from an extremely wealthy family. These "Hellenistic Jews" rejected the insular exclusivity and militancy of the Zealots and Pharisees, incorporated Greek Platonism, Roman Stoicism, and other influences and held high sway with many of the mid-to-later Roman Emperors.

2019-07-18 04:58:02 UTC  

Christianity, whether by accident or deliberate conspiracy, presented an ideal solution to Rome's Jewish question by the time of its rise from a negligible Jewish sect to a popular religion in the Roman Empire well over one hundred years after the claimed death of Christ. Jews were given a dignified and productive path to being assimilated into the Roman Empire, while the most troublesome holdouts would receive their brethren's blame for rejecting the Messiah and thus causing the siege of Jerusalem as divine retribution. As Jews point out to this day, Jesus frequently contradicts the Torah and fails to fulfill prophecies in that the messiah of their scripture is a David-like warrior-king who leads the Jews to victory over all other nations, placing Jews into world rule. This major incompatibility was waved away in the new religion primarily on the authority of the New Testament, as in the supersession of prior covenants. If a Jew does not accept the autocratic authority of the Christian Scriptures, how is he or she to accept such a different messiah from what was previously expected?

2019-07-18 04:58:32 UTC  

Fortunately, for the Romans, and to large credit to the elaborate and Talmudical argumentation of Paul, many Jew did eventually become Christians, especially when Christian Rome began persecution of Jews - persecution prominently led by converted Jews. Rome had changed considerably since the time of the Punic Wars, and the old gentile families were now of less importance than the wealthiest and most powerful of foreign politicians. The multiculturalism which was required for stability in Rome's vast reach conflicted with the old racial rules for senatorship. These rules, and even those for becoming Emperor, were relaxed - the process starting under the immensely popular Julies Cesar - whose death by betrayal of the Senate and most importantly Brutes, compare with Judas, closely prefigured the passion of Christ. The Romans, unlike several other ancient civilizations, did not worship their Emperor as a God. But this changed under Cesar, who became the first Roman to become officially deified as DIVUS JULIUS. Just as Jesus brought universalism and a relaxing of Mosaic Law to the Jews, so Julius brought liberalizing change to the Romans. Julius's imperial cult remained widespread after the purported time of Christ, as his followers were later readily absorbed into Christianity as were many of those who worshiped Isis - the virginal mother god of Horas, Mythra, Zoroastrian savior messiah, SOL INVICTUS, the unconquered ie the undying sun who Constantine favored until his conversion to Christianity, precipitating the official adoption of Christianity in Rome, and other deities.