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2019-03-15 02:42:28 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

2019-03-15 02:42:40 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

St. Tarrant

2019-03-15 02:43:01 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  


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2019-03-15 04:30:29 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

I'm not a crazed gunman dad I'm an assassin

2019-03-15 04:30:44 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

The difference is one's a profession and one's a mental illness

2019-03-15 16:05:51 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  


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2019-03-15 16:07:30 UTC [Nordic Frontier #shitposting]  


2019-03-16 03:18:01 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  
2019-03-17 15:44:25 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  


2019-03-17 15:56:19 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Do not believe people who post this in other servers

2019-03-17 15:56:23 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Itโ€™s fake

2019-03-17 20:42:17 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

I lost my old account too a couple months ago

2019-03-17 21:03:52 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

And now I've lost two friends because of the path I took

2019-03-17 21:04:06 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Which is a little difficult but whatever

2019-03-17 22:35:00 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  


2019-03-17 22:38:34 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

>Acknowledge the root cause of terror
>Get egged
>Punch the guy who just assaulted you
>Get portrayed as a violent bigot

2019-03-18 02:12:59 UTC [Nordic Frontier #deep-discussion]  

"White Guilt" is the "German War Guilt" of our era
------------- "The Marxists had worked their destruction, and the enemy propaganda poisoned our people beyond the reach of reason. We were not even allowed to complain about this disgrace openly. Who were we โ€œlittleโ€ Germans to complain about anything when there was such immeasurable guilt on the other side!"

2019-03-18 02:13:01 UTC [Nordic Frontier #deep-discussion]  

------------- "What had the privileged-class done to stop this dreadful collapse, to oppose it, and to clear the path for truth by better and more complete understanding? Nothing and nothing! In those days, the great racialist apostles, which we see all around today, were nowhere to be seen. They may have been talking in clubs or at tea parties among their own like-minded circles, but they never ventured among the wolves where they should have been. The only time they were with the wolves was when they had an opportunity to howl with them."
------------- "Even then I always advocated making a stand against misguided public attitudes, regardless of whether it was popular at the time or even if it generated hatred; I was ready to start the battle. The NSDAP must not be a follower of public opinion, but must become the master of public opinion. It must not be the massesโ€™ servant, but their lord. When a movement is still weak, there is naturally a great temptation to follow the crowd and join in

2019-03-18 02:18:05 UTC [Nordic Frontier #shitposting]  


2019-03-18 04:10:18 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Remember guys

2019-03-18 04:10:21 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

A rainbow is only beautiful because itโ€™s segregated

2019-03-18 04:10:34 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

No one would enjoy a brown streak in the sky

2019-03-18 11:34:43 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Angry Dutchman

2019-03-18 13:21:15 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

He canโ€™t keep getting away with this

2019-03-18 13:22:50 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  


2019-03-18 14:21:09 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Itโ€™s only beneficial if it causes a collapse

2019-03-18 14:21:35 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

And a collapse is only beneficial if we have a plan ready to go once it does

2019-03-18 14:22:07 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Accelerationism with no post-collapse system waiting to takeover is nonsensical

2019-03-18 17:49:16 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  


2019-03-20 00:22:46 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

"Genocide week"

2019-03-20 00:23:00 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Is this a holiday or a memorial?

2019-03-20 00:43:04 UTC [Nordic Frontier #shitposting]  


2019-03-20 00:45:19 UTC [Nordic Frontier #shitposting]  

I'd like to die now

2019-03-20 03:52:11 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Horse rape?

2019-03-20 03:52:13 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  


2019-03-20 04:10:28 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

The podcast

2019-03-20 04:11:34 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  


2019-03-20 04:11:41 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Niggers raping horses

2019-03-20 04:42:33 UTC [Nordic Frontier #shitposting]  


2019-03-20 13:36:45 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  


2019-03-21 01:38:34 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  


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