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Good on those dyslexic Norwegians! Lol

Is it actually safe to visit Sweden/Norway?

what or who brought u here?

Aus welchem ​​teil von deutschland kommst du?

Death to both Israel and Saudi Arabia

White loves solids, liquids, and gases more?

"Il Duce" was stopped by the Greeks so I'd say he wasnt an all powerful person, he was more incompetent than Metaxas at warfare.

I guess, only Hitler was taught, not any of the other axis folks

Are any of you greek here?

what brought u here?

dm me the server link

could we get a separate welcome channel? @Kurja almost every time i see a new message update on here it's cause someone new joined

that way people who are already in it can mute it if they dont want a note that a new person joined

if ur a mod, could you make it?

or does Andreas have to make it?

@Andreas.H N6 Could you make a welcome channel?

Im a jew, I oppress people when my feelings get hurt by calling them antisemites

I’m not jewish

who wants to be a jew? they should just convert at this point.

I almost became a Jew tbh but pulled out once I got red pilled on it. I now rly don’t like Islam or Judaism.

i don't condone violence, these neo-Nazis should peacefully protest as they arent being directly oppressed or persecuted. Not choosing a side, just stating my views on demonstrating publicly your views

Could you make a separate podcast/radio channel?

any time i see a new message alert its one of those live 20:00 things

The NRM only allows Nords into the top positions.

The Netherlands is a hybrid Anglo German nation

Italians are white

it says to create an account

You are hereby assigned to a reeducation camp with a 100% chance of success or all ashes back?

immigration only provides corporations w cheaper labour while screwing over the nations native population

Celts are not Germanic

48 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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