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2021-01-04 01:12:57 UTC  
2021-01-04 01:13:13 UTC  

Im not talking about going to other continents strictly to enslave

2021-01-04 01:14:24 UTC  

are they more efficient than machines? you need to feed them and treat them fairly decently. what value is there in doing that? what exactly is it you're having them doing?

2021-01-04 01:15:38 UTC  

They'll be living in mud huts or shacks cramped together and they'll eat porridge or watered down soup for meals most of the time, not to mention that the weak/old ones will be disposed of once they become liabilities

2021-01-04 01:16:03 UTC  

Moving boxes, being in production lines(like the jews in nazi germany), in mines, etc

2021-01-04 01:16:12 UTC  

The point isnt long term labor anyway, its to windle down their numbers while putting them to some use

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2021-01-04 01:16:16 UTC  

slavery isnt profitable lol

2021-01-04 01:16:21 UTC  

it is

2021-01-04 01:16:25 UTC  


2021-01-04 01:16:32 UTC  

Here, see this kinds of people

2021-01-04 01:16:36 UTC  

Say why

2021-01-04 01:16:47 UTC  

smaller consumer base

2021-01-04 01:16:50 UTC  

"muh wealth of nations"

2021-01-04 01:16:56 UTC  

You spend little on them and get a large workforce

2021-01-04 01:17:00 UTC  

Is genocide better?

2021-01-04 01:17:02 UTC  

why is wealth something to not like?

2021-01-04 01:17:11 UTC  

Its a book

2021-01-04 01:17:20 UTC  

i know but im saying

2021-01-04 01:17:26 UTC  

the gist of it is wealth right?

2021-01-04 01:17:39 UTC  

and how nations should acquire as much as possible?

2021-01-04 01:17:43 UTC  

Also u can make them work without consuming much, thats good, not bad

2021-01-04 01:18:06 UTC  

malnourished african hard labour hmmm

2021-01-04 01:18:10 UTC  

This is good, u consume what they dont

2021-01-04 01:18:22 UTC  

As if it were a bad thing

2021-01-04 01:18:40 UTC  

id say the purpose of forced labor more so is to dwindle down their numbers while making some use of them - it may not be profitable short term but if theyre eradicated long term you can move in your own people and develop it like that

2021-01-04 01:18:44 UTC  

@Punished Nazberg to make a slave the most profitable to work you need to feed, house, and aid a slave

2021-01-04 01:18:58 UTC  

How is it not profitable

2021-01-04 01:19:06 UTC  

im not saying it ISNT

2021-01-04 01:19:08 UTC  

its gonna cost more anyways unless the slaves are largely disposable

2021-01-04 01:19:10 UTC  

im sayign EVEN i we assume it is

2021-01-04 01:19:12 UTC  

I've already stated how easy/cheap that will be to do

2021-01-04 01:19:21 UTC  

He produces more

2021-01-04 01:19:32 UTC  

Ffs with this kind of thought the world is a deficit

2021-01-04 01:19:36 UTC  

It clearly is not

2021-01-04 01:19:44 UTC  

Or we would be living like monkeys

2021-01-04 01:21:20 UTC  

which is what made it widely inefficient lol, a slave also is much more unskilled, uneducated, and has less of an incentive to work. actual skilled workers are likely to produce much more and become much more efficient over time working for their own wage

2021-01-04 01:21:44 UTC  

he doesn't produce more because he'd be either too distressed or too physically incapable to do so

2021-01-04 01:21:56 UTC  

So ur people should do all the work yeah, bc work is fun 🙂

2021-01-04 01:22:17 UTC  

He consumes literally nothing