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2020-12-31 21:07:48 UTC [3rd Positionist Enclave #vetting]  

ANTI's alt (original account nuked)

1 sunsokha
2 18
3 jingoist
4 americanism
5 woland's invite
6 im homophobic

@Ethar ETHAR.

nigga why do u have german in ur name

ur portugues


how am i a civnat

this account has joinedthis server a few minutes ago

el retard


@Ethar im grooming wicked into liking mussolini


boop will soon die to wicked's hands

he is a self loathing homosexual jewish catholic (svpersoldier for the amerikanisches reichen)



approximately 3 months ago

while we were playing among us

i asked you to bark

why did you not.

excuse me...

i need a minute..

need to drain this negative energy out...

by draining...

drain gang

going thru shuffld


frosty>>> on icedancer

its not new year yet

socialist who likes individualism


based ad....


gypsy crusader is a white larper lol

is that u

female woman!?


grooming time!?

che looks jewish

das rite brit bitch


2021-01-01 15:06:16 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #musique]  


so based!

its based because it indirectly enforces segregation




indo-europeans are completely christianized

accept the fact that europeans are a christian race

or an atheistic one

regardless the christianization of Europe has set 0 course for anything pagan to the point that its believers are larp


youโ€™re not european

youโ€™re american

you cut your ties when your parents migrated to america

so anything eurocentric you say will be considered larp

same for indo european larp


ideally does not mean they will, how would empowering another future competitor help any american empire?

it really isnt

its roots can be traced to its anglo-saxon founding but itโ€™s become entirely its own

that just means youโ€™re asserting your own economic sphere into europe

not the same as the different beast that is the EU today

of which can actually compete against american markets and punish american corporations

yeah, which is why i support it until the eu becomes too empowered

if an american hegemony is to be maintained, we need absolute subservience from any other ally that can turn their backs on us. the eu literally has been selling their shit out with the chinese and getting comfy with them


then why did they flip massively for joe biden LOL


which proves that white americans care more about their jobs and economic opportunities over minority pandering and social issues

they flipped cuz trump got mogged by covid and couldnt deal with it as well as can

also republicans holding back stimulus checks en masse

and not giving any sort of relief

still stuck to both parties looool

and that wont ever change

i know that was my own comment

if you think iโ€™m arguing with you over anything iโ€™m not

iโ€™m discussing it

whites are gonna flip back anyways during diversity quotas

or deal with the fact that they need to double down on their populism rather than their pandering

and the fact that they need a core party base that isnโ€™t ready to turn on everyone one of their own every second

tucker is the same as mitch lol


heโ€™s been flipping

the only good thing about a republican primary is that usually the most boisterous and โ€œโ€โ€radicalโ€โ€โ€ candidates get elected by appearing as complete outsiders

i rhink you just mean amnats


the working class is more conservative socially and religious

the middle class just attends church more cuz more free time

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