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2021-01-26 13:34:26 UTC  

What's wrong with nazbol

2021-01-26 13:34:27 UTC  


2021-01-26 13:34:28 UTC  

here we go again

2021-01-26 13:34:30 UTC  
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2021-01-26 13:34:56 UTC  

Good on geopolitics but I don't get his Heinigger stuff

2021-01-26 13:35:05 UTC  

Whats wrong with nazbol? Not legitimately anti-capitalist. Abolish the law of value nigga

2021-01-26 13:35:15 UTC  

@Nobody don't care lmao

2021-01-26 13:35:16 UTC  

Who is

2021-01-26 13:35:24 UTC  
2021-01-26 13:35:25 UTC  

I do, stay salty troglodytes

2021-01-26 13:35:41 UTC

2021-01-26 13:35:51 UTC  

Man real dunk

2021-01-26 13:36:05 UTC  

because I have a functioning brain

2021-01-26 13:36:09 UTC  

goddamn lobotomite

2021-01-26 13:36:29 UTC  

Nigga you just can insult, you are unable to justify your beliefs

2021-01-26 13:36:32 UTC  

"Race is just a made up distraction to divide the working class evne if race now only serves as an obstacle to the merchant caste so the retarded idea that race was invented to justify slavery doesn't even apply anymore"

2021-01-26 13:36:32 UTC  

“bro why don’t you seethe when you see a black person”

2021-01-26 13:36:43 UTC  

i smell debate time

2021-01-26 13:36:44 UTC  

I don’t need to justify my indifference to black people

2021-01-26 13:36:48 UTC  

Ok you and me gonna VC debate this next Monday @Nobody

2021-01-26 13:37:01 UTC  

On dunno let's debate imperialism

2021-01-26 13:37:09 UTC  

I am pro and you are likely against

2021-01-26 13:37:11 UTC  

no we arent, I don’t talk to short bus riding white boys

2021-01-26 13:37:14 UTC

2021-01-26 13:37:19 UTC  

I cant wait for SDL to get on

2021-01-26 13:37:20 UTC  


2021-01-26 13:37:25 UTC  

Anybody who debates imperialism has to read Lenin’s text on it

2021-01-26 13:37:26 UTC  

@Nobody coward

2021-01-26 13:37:39 UTC  

Having standards = being a coward

2021-01-26 13:37:40 UTC  

@sablin Lenin was a dumb person

2021-01-26 13:37:56 UTC  

Wannabe debatebro

2021-01-26 13:38:08 UTC  

You probably think imperialism is just when whypeepo invade brown peepo for sugar or something

2021-01-26 13:38:12 UTC  

Coward don't care

2021-01-26 13:38:13 UTC  

>Calling people debatebro on a politics discord

2021-01-26 13:38:43 UTC  

> You probably think imperialism is just when whypeepo invade brown peepo for sugar or something
Ya sorry for not having autistic 19th century definition of extremely specific action

2021-01-26 13:38:54 UTC  

theres politically oriented servers that dont exist specifically for debating, it’s stupid lol

2021-01-26 13:38:55 UTC  

which is cool(it happened to my ppl)

2021-01-26 13:39:00 UTC  

"I don't need to justify my indifference"
"Why aren't you class conscious smh"

2021-01-26 13:39:18 UTC  

Your name fits you, you are nobody