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2018-06-02 20:31:39 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #general]  

This is neat

2018-06-02 20:31:53 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #general]  


2018-06-02 20:32:26 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #general]  

It's mostly just because the avatar is aesthetically pleasing

2018-06-02 20:33:01 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #general]  

It's also a good test to see who actually knows their shit.

2018-06-02 20:33:24 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #general]  

Since Codreanu and Horia look really similar

2018-06-02 20:33:35 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #general]  

in small avatars at least

2018-06-02 20:34:20 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #general]  

``in small avatars``

2018-06-02 20:34:33 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #general]  

Anyway, not sure how this all works so I'm gonna read up

2018-06-02 20:35:51 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #general]  

The image im using is on a popular quote

2018-06-02 20:35:54 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #general]  

passed around

2018-06-02 20:36:06 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #general]  

Codreanu quote with this pic

tfw this server has better roles than the last five i joined


im american.

tfw marxism can prove equality isnt real by the fact women don't have as much agency as men due to having to birth children and be useless for 9 months

marxist feminism

he yeeted crowley from sicilly thats good enough

trots want world communism and to print pamphlets

Trotsky was a lot more militant about it. Rejected 'socialism in one country' and blah blah permanent revolution

I havent read him yet bc hes a jew

but ill get around to it

oh based sycthe is here


I unironically believe this

holy based

i wonder if this guy has watched Starship Troopers

pretty sure he's refering to 'state' as the uniion of the people and the state

actual idealism pog

did you read the damn wiki link



please stay based i cant take anymore liberal cope and vaush posting

place seems ok

I am unfortunately american

I don't want to be european either

I don't havea reason. im tired.

Where are you from


that fucker is still around


I know giuli from siege posting days

I'm just a generic white american

I first met giulu when he had cultured thug on for a QNA

then sperged out when thug bashed siege

then just kept running into him

i know sven and pef and a buncha other dudes too


is that the canadian

the dude who runs around discord talking about being in the canadian nazi party is hysterical


Good luck finding it tho

I was literally iin the discord chat trying to calm down coping europeans

bc daddy said james mason larp

2021-01-26 12:31:45 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #banter]  

absolutely based

Sure thing

is Mine still floating around?

last i saw him he was posting kpop in a commie server i was in

oh hey

long time no see

2021-01-26 13:24:42 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #banter]  

This is cringe

2021-01-26 13:24:50 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #banter]  

not the ethnicity stuff, the fact youre an MLM

2021-01-26 13:25:14 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #banter]  

no, he didnt kill enough

2021-01-26 13:25:50 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #banter]  

weeb serbian mlm femboy

2021-01-26 13:25:52 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #banter]  

i hate discord

2021-01-26 13:26:04 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #banter]  

oh my bad

turns out

i know some of these people



2021-01-26 13:29:31 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #banter]  

what the fuck are they gonna do to you

2021-01-26 13:29:36 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #banter]  

didnt nato bomb you to death

hes a cringe leftcom

@Erlik แšฏ Have you read Dugin



I cant wait for SDL to get on

He's pretty relevant man

larping tankies

but he still helped establish the USSR

The military shit is kinda cool

enjoy your watermelon

damn it

why would youu tell them

I only listen to mr bond

judging by what it does to black women probably

2021-01-27 13:05:56 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #book-pdf]  

It managed to get me booted from 3 years

2021-01-27 13:06:04 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #book-pdf]  

sp it didnt do nothing

good morning

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