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abolish the law of value

market socialists have brain damage

Oh shieeeeet

what the fuck happened to that place

I thought i got banned or something

i missed the convo whats the context here

are you saying fascist states arent bourg

I remember having the admins in Toms come to my server and they all got fucking destroyed by Geek

and their soviet history tank literally broke down in chat while talking to me

it was all so bad

Ill tell you in a bit

ok so basically, I went into this youtuber server doing my routine stalin apologia in the politics channel, then eventually the fucking admins all joined my server to debate + they invited their gross libertarian/liberal friends lol

their soviet history nerd literally just broke down and went on an emotional rant about leftism in the middle of talking to me

You wish cracker


At least my brain isnt melting in my ears retard

go back to glue guzzling

Whats wrong with nazbol? Not legitimately anti-capitalist. Abolish the law of value nigga

I do, stay salty troglodytes

because I have a functioning brain

goddamn lobotomite

โ€œbro why donโ€™t you seethe when you see a black personโ€

I donโ€™t need to justify my indifference to black people

no we arent, I donโ€™t talk to short bus riding white boys


Having standards = being a coward

Wannabe debatebro

theres politically oriented servers that dont exist specifically for debating, itโ€™s stupid lol

Sharing resources/texts, having discussions, actively learning theory from different schools of thought, etc.

Though precluding debates entirely would be stupid

lol tolstoy youโ€™re a trot?

Why do you believe in DWS

The USSR degenerated because of isolation

whatโ€™s the other half? It probably wouldโ€™ve been fine if the revolution actually gained traction internationally

Cliffites are ok

the cliffites I know are spastics but at least theyโ€™re closer to Marx and Lenin than Stalinoids

MLs owned

Im gonna go get some shit to eat

> In this server we only value VC debates

Iโ€™m black lol

Because I donโ€™t actually care

I donโ€™t recognize you but running into a troglodyte nazbol like this in the wild probably wouldโ€™ve been funny

> I only debate whites and sometimes brown/yellow

47 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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