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2021-01-26 08:59:03 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #lobby]  



Having breakfast Iโ€™m english

yh huh

just communism

I believe everyone can be a communist if thatโ€™s what you mean

I mean, I think national identity is soemthing thatโ€™s just gonna exist until it goes away. Iโ€™m more bothered about toxic uses of it to ignore class interests or to hurt minorities.


>anti stalinist poet pfp

Communism abolished the proletariat


Ppl just become ppl not economic classes tied into identity

U ppl think nationalism is something thatโ€™s always been a thing

Class societies and nationalism has only been a tiny part of human history, the majority is just classless nomadic society

People donโ€™t deserve to get hurt if they havenโ€™t done bad

Tribe isnโ€™t a nation

Yeah same

Humans existed long time before Roman Empire

Yeah so what these are ancient civilizations

There is a lot of history before civilisation

Civilians donโ€™t fight each other for resources in the first world so it canโ€™t be human nature

Perhaps it is ingrained in scarcity the fight between peopleโ€™s over resources

Really wow

When people have the resources they need they donโ€™t kill other people for it. Poor people murder the most not middle class people

State of nature sucks

Iโ€™m not a primitivist

So no it doesnโ€™t

Watch me

I canโ€™t

Middle class people donโ€™t have infinite, just eliminating relative scarcity for everyone would solve most violence

Idk tbh

Most civilians donโ€™t want war

Like my whole families round

Alright Iโ€™ll try and se

Idealist view of history

No get a gf

This directed at me?

Cos valery sablin was a real person

Well technically neither

He led a revolt against Brezhnev in the mid 70s to restore socialism

Tom Clancy whitewashed him as pro western dissident in hunt for red october

Itโ€™s original cos I know him without playing video games

I donโ€™t care really I like him

Must we uphold the winners? Surely your heroes didnโ€™t win?

Really? Like who

Hitler didnโ€™t win

And a National Bolshevik if thatโ€™s not a joke

Great lol, this is a politics chat, Iโ€™m not arsed about being a nerd

5โ€™10 and just average ig

Slavs are the Africans of Europe

Iโ€™m not against slavs

But itโ€™s funny when they claim Europa despite having a country with 83 national ave IQ in them

Great africa has low IQ I couldnโ€™t care less

It seems like dodging the Albanian question

Iโ€™m not a slav

Serbia has national ave IQ of 86


Pan european or pan slav?

Name one thing Eastern Europe contributed to civilisation aside from Russia

Iโ€™m not a nationalist nor do I think itโ€™s commendable to claim the achievements of people of the same nation you happened to be born in. Itโ€™s just funny cos slavs who are all evropa kind of ride the bandwagon of being in Europe

The fortnite YouTubed myth


Someone from Syria is on here wow

I want to itโ€™s just finding when I can do it

What where we going to debate on?

Are you serving



Semaj weird name

Du habst ein Dicke frau um die ecke


Deutsche curryworst

Black ppl speaking German sounds so weird

Who is

Anybody who debates imperialism has to read Leninโ€™s text on it

You probably think imperialism is just when whypeepo invade brown peepo for sugar or something

The Lenin book literally isnโ€™t that though thatโ€™s why I said ppl need to read it

How is he not relevant

Heโ€™s literally the only world revolutionary leader ever

The lessons for dictatorship of the proletariat in the future

Trotskyists are almost as stupid as stalinists

Um and

Only half of the story

Mate erm, idk what to tell you about German history 1918-24

Nah they arenโ€™t they have semi ok analysis but then behave like regular trots

Swp are still awful


Men lovers

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