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2021-02-10 17:31:17 UTC  

The disorders are genetic, it's not even a disorder its just the human predisposition to oppose such a system we live in, for example ADHD, schizoid etc. were genetic mutations that developed to help us survive better in a primitive environment and to produce more serotonin

2021-02-10 17:34:51 UTC  

I'd classify right wingers more in the schizoid camp while leftist are usually diagnosed with stuff like autism or depression because it's usually some sort of dopamine disorder

2021-02-10 17:38:42 UTC  

I'm far-right and i suffer from extreme levels of schizophrenia

2021-02-10 17:40:10 UTC

2021-02-10 17:44:47 UTC  

A lot of political extremists right and left wouldnt care as much about their beliefs if they led fulfilling lives is what I meant

2021-02-10 17:45:54 UTC  


2021-02-10 17:46:14 UTC  

How do you live a fulfilling life with homosexuals pegging children at schools and negroes on the tv

2021-02-10 17:47:16 UTC  


2021-02-10 17:47:30 UTC  

How do you live a fulfilling life by working 8 hours a day at a job you hate and coming home to be mentally tortured by people who hate you

2021-02-10 17:47:42 UTC  

Be rich

2021-02-10 17:47:55 UTC  

The situation of the world does not change

2021-02-10 17:48:07 UTC  

Why would you care if you're rich though

2021-02-10 17:48:52 UTC  

Well far right and far left seem to share that they want others not to have to deal with problems of the world not just themselves

2021-02-10 17:49:08 UTC  

Money doesn't replace the organic feeling of national pride, health, fulfillment?

2021-02-10 17:49:59 UTC  

I already have a substantial amount of money

2021-02-10 17:50:16 UTC  

How does that change the fact that Toronto became a majority non-white city in less than 20 years?

2021-02-10 17:50:17 UTC  

It makes the last two (if you're not stupid) and the first one will seem unimportant

2021-02-10 17:50:29 UTC  

@sablin whats your ideology?

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2021-02-10 17:50:54 UTC  

oh its you

2021-02-10 17:50:55 UTC  

Lol if you're a nihilist retard that's your problem

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2021-02-10 17:51:03 UTC  

Keep dragging yourself through the ground

2021-02-10 17:51:13 UTC  

I don't think you know what nihilism is if you think I'm one

2021-02-10 17:56:33 UTC  

judeobolshevik ^

2021-02-10 18:00:08 UTC  

monads doesnt really care about politics

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<@!283653236630487041> join VC

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Homosexuals pegging little boys at schools

2021-02-10 18:01:03 UTC  

just join

2021-02-10 18:01:56 UTC  

sodomy was always secretive and pedophilia seems to be a constant even going back to greco-roman times

2021-02-10 18:02:45 UTC  

LGBTQ "community" has an entire air of degenerate culture around it

2021-02-10 18:03:03 UTC  

ya but to say there's "no correlation" is inane

2021-02-10 18:03:22 UTC  

they should be woodchippersexual

2021-02-10 18:03:49 UTC  


2021-02-10 18:03:56 UTC  

it is disproportionately people of "LGBTQ" phenomena

2021-02-10 18:04:05 UTC  

in absolute terms perhaps

2021-02-10 18:04:13 UTC  

you sound like a judeobolshevik

2021-02-10 18:04:24 UTC  

i am not saying there is necessarily a causal relationship but you MUST acknowledge there is a correlation between homos and pedophiles

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2021-02-10 18:04:46 UTC  

What disorder can i get diagnosed with by saying Nigger?