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2017-07-25 04:22:36 UTC

2017-07-25 04:22:45 UTC  

Was working on this today and my dad accidentally hit it with his trailer 😦

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2017-07-25 16:02:50 UTC  

@Envian my eyes suck. What damages were done? Those marks on the door?
If so since you painted it, that's an easy fix, and it'll still look nice.
Sand it out, then use some wood epox to fill, let dry for a day or so then sand out and paint.

2017-07-25 16:04:11 UTC  

Haha with a quick glance at the pic it looked like that tire was parked on top of it

2017-07-25 16:04:11 UTC  

Yeah the door will be easy to sand down. I'm debating making it a drawer instead of a door now. The only part that's really damaged is the top part that I stained

2017-07-25 16:05:42 UTC  

How bad is it? You could use a wood epox, the stuff I use takes stain, it won't show grain but if it's small scrapes you'll be good

2017-07-25 16:06:09 UTC  

I don't have a good angle of it, but it's all pushed in and uneven now. Might just replace the top piece and restain a new one

2017-07-25 16:06:45 UTC

2017-07-25 16:06:47 UTC  

Yeah you can't really see it. It's fixable though

2017-07-25 16:07:22 UTC  

My rule on fixing rotted wood is if 40% is there, we're going to use the wood

2017-07-25 16:08:28 UTC  

If you want to stain, you can take wood glue and mix the sawdust in the glue, and use that as your putty

2017-07-25 16:17:22 UTC  

The damage to the door is because it got pushed in and doesn't have a handle on it and is a pretty tight fit. So I pried it open with a flat head screwdriver lol. I used an extra board we had lying around for the top of it, so I've got plenty more. I haven't tried that before with sawdust. That's interesting. I'm thinking I will just sand the door down so it fits better and it shouldn't be an issue once I paint it like you said. Not sure what I will do with the top piece yet. I might just cut another piece of that board to size 😂

2017-07-25 16:58:58 UTC  

I built some steps for my mom's house. We still have to paint them, but I thought I'd show off my handy work. Getting the supports for the stairs right was a pain, but in the end I think I got them level enough.

2017-07-25 19:01:37 UTC  

@Der Seeteufel - SD You're not done with the hand rails are you? No spindles, balusters, newel post?
Let me ask you a question, why did you reuse that old timber?
Sorry if I come off as a dick, but I take great pride in my work, and as a finish carpenter I follow behind skippy the butcher almost everyday.

2017-07-25 19:03:46 UTC  

@Der Seeteufel - SD I'm not calling you a hack haha. I would like to help you "church" that stair set up.

2017-07-25 19:04:19 UTC  

Yeah it's all old wood

2017-07-25 19:06:18 UTC  

or I guess not old but stuff that we had in a barn. It's probably stuff left over from a deck that was built 3 or 4 years ago

2017-07-25 19:07:41 UTC  

Oh ok. I thought you went and bought new wood and reused this couple pieces that are stained.
Lets talk about that handrail though. At least add a newel post on the end.

2017-07-25 19:09:54 UTC  

I could probably do that pretty easily. I don't have many tools though. The only powertools I had for this was a circular saw and a drill.

2017-07-25 19:10:20 UTC  

I would have to buy pre-made newel posts

2017-07-25 19:10:23 UTC

2017-07-25 19:10:45 UTC  

It's worth it

2017-07-25 19:10:57 UTC  

I don't use a lot of power tools

2017-07-25 19:11:04 UTC

2017-07-25 19:11:14 UTC  

That's my bread and butter

2017-07-25 19:16:28 UTC  

The guy I work for started doing carpentry before power tools were accessible to everyone. I do tons of work without power tools

2017-07-25 19:18:04 UTC

2017-07-25 19:18:47 UTC  

That stuff and a chisel are all I use everyday

2017-07-28 23:19:30 UTC  

Would you guys say carpet or floor tile is better? I have dogs no kids

2017-07-29 01:18:37 UTC  

@whitelash1488#3099 Depends on where it's going in the house, and whatever look you're going for.

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2017-07-29 01:19:31 UTC  

What room is it going in?

2017-07-29 01:19:39 UTC  

Living room

2017-07-29 01:19:50 UTC  

man how about laminate flooring?

2017-07-29 01:22:03 UTC  

you can achive a lot of different looks with laminate. It's durable and really easy to install.

2017-07-29 01:22:18 UTC  

Good thanks!

2017-07-29 01:22:53 UTC  

I have no experience in carpentry and I just moved into my own house

2017-07-29 01:23:08 UTC  

laminate is going to be cheaper than tile, and you can probably get it the exact same look.

2017-07-29 01:39:50 UTC  

Ignore that cat, but this is a bamboo laminate.

2017-07-29 02:01:20 UTC  

You say ignore that cat as if it's not wearing a tie...