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Deleted User 2017-07-23 19:22:39  

You can post at anytime I think because guys can read channels from before when they join

Yuma County 2017-07-23 19:23:00  

Okay. I'll post around 2pm my time. I need a power nap.

Deleted User 2017-07-23 19:28:01  

@everyone Unless there's objection, I'm gonna aim to have two SME's per area as we go along so we increase coverage and speed up response time to questions. We can launch the server with one each though.

Louis Loire - NY 2017-07-23 19:32:42  

Deleted User 2017-07-23 19:33:03  

Well met @Louis Loire - NY. Please read above to catch up.

Deleted User 2017-07-23 19:33:11  

And thanks for pitching in

Mark Vandal 2017-07-23 19:34:52  

Deleted User 2017-07-23 19:35:32  

Welcome @Mark Vandal. Please read above

Mark Vandal 2017-07-23 19:35:45  

@Deleted User I get off work around 9. Should be home by 9:30 or 9:45

Deleted User 2017-07-23 19:36:07  

soudns good thanks

Deleted User 2017-07-23 19:41:03  

I also may need some help with the finer points of discord server management

Alexander B. - SC 2017-07-23 19:42:26  

Deleted User 2017-07-23 19:43:07  

Alexander B. - SC 2017-07-23 19:45:41  

Resident chef reporting

Deleted User 2017-07-23 19:46:53  
Alexander B. - SC 2017-07-23 19:48:03  

Confirming for 9:30 EST?

Deleted User 2017-07-23 19:48:14  

Can someone go to the announcement channel and see if it lets you post in there.

Deleted User 2017-07-23 19:48:20  

9:30 EST yes

Jhawk nc 2017-07-23 19:48:26  

The Cheif chef

Alexander B. - SC 2017-07-23 19:49:26  

I don't see an announcement channel.

Deleted User 2017-07-23 19:49:40  


Deleted User 2017-07-23 20:04:42  

okay how about now?

Deleted User 2017-07-23 20:04:46  

Channel is up. No announcement

Deleted User 2017-07-23 20:05:23  

How about now? You should see "test" in there but it should say read only

Alexander B. - SC 2017-07-23 20:05:57  

Got it 👍🏻

Deleted User 2017-07-23 20:06:05  

great thanks

Yuma County 2017-07-23 20:16:00  

Saw it

Deleted User 2017-07-23 20:17:25  


Deleted User 2017-07-23 22:39:54  

@everyone Off to a great start in the channels boys. Again, thanks to everyone for doing this.

Mark Vandal 2017-07-24 01:10:39  

We still doing a chat tonight

Deleted User 2017-07-24 01:11:39  

Yes @everyone 9:30 EST voicechat. Should only tel about 10 minutes

Deleted User 2017-07-24 01:28:36  

Dealing with sick wife and baby, unable to make it tonight sorry.

Envian 2017-07-24 01:57:39  

Deleted User 2017-07-24 01:58:44  

Welcome aboard @Envian ; thanks for helping out with woodworking, along with @Jhawk nc. Please read up in this channel to get up to speed.

Envian 2017-07-24 01:59:12  

Sweet, thanks for the invite

Deleted User 2017-07-24 02:02:30  

So we have:

2 x Carpenter
1 x Cook
1 x Mechanic
2 x Medic
2 x Electrician
2 x Outdoorsman
1 x Gardner
1 x Machinist

Deleted User 2017-07-24 02:02:41  

We should be good to go!

Yuma County 2017-07-24 04:22:02  

Tomorrow I'll probably put up a text post explaining the differences in motor oils.

Yuma County 2017-07-24 04:22:14  

Gotta start this off autistically. 👍🏻

Deleted User 2017-07-24 12:19:56  

Awesome. There'll soon be no need to use google because we'll provide a more Identitarian angle on things. Google: "Leaving a car battery on concrete will cause it to drain." Our Server: "Leaving a car batter on concrete will cause it to drain cuz Jews."

Mark Vandal 2017-07-24 18:29:10  

@Yuma County tag koba in that one if he joins