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Founding Fathers considered the British Empire and Westminster too corrupt, too "establishment", too "progressive".

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@Nicholas István If we are to be Catholic, then by doctrine, we should not be proud Americans, or even British for that matter. Those two things contradict each other on a massive scale. If we should not conserve our national values, as they aren't Catholic, then we should not be proud to be Americans.

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Pretty good take from the nibba I usually fight people that say America is completely enlightenment but it has some truth

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Please pray for my health and my family in every prayer. Life has been throwing some real doosies at us

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@Thomas Several thoughts come to mind here -
- This mindset brings to mind a heresy condemned by the Church that places tradition over reason as the as the primary arbiter of truth (not to say that tradition isn't highly valuable).
- Do you believe in religious liberty, free speech and separation of church and state in principal, or only because they play a role in American values?
- If/when America becomes Catholic, it would be far from the first non-Catholic nation or civilization to do so. Did Christianity not conflict somewhat with Roman values? Were the early Christians trying to eradicate what it means to be Roman?

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@Nicholas István If I were not American I would consciously condemn these aspects, but as I am, and as my blood is deeply connected to these lands, I find myself defending the fabric of my society that is the constitution. Furthermore it did take away from what it meant to be Roman. Not that it was necessarily even a bad thing. But it did fundamentally change the idea of what it meant to be a citizen and participant of the Roman empire.

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And it did pay for it.

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And Rome met schism and death for it.

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But was replaced.

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So you are saying you believe in these liberal ideas not because you believe they are true, but because they are American?

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Yano I'm actually arguing with people in the comments of the Styx debate who say that Jesus wasn't real

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@Lil Merc post ur stuff then

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@🎭🎵 what stuff

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basically the guy was saying that there is no evidence for jesus being real, which is one of the most retarded things ive heard in a long time

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So post ur response

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@🎭🎵 basically I just mentioned the writings of Josephus and Tacitus but he ignored it anyway

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I'm saying I believe them because it is part of me, it is tangible and therefore true. Americans are a very particular people with a very particular identity. These ideas are part of that. This is what makes us distinct from Europeans. If I were a member of any other nation, I would say we could do without religious liberty as a state religion usually coincides with what it means to be a part of that nation. Same with free speech.

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Just as National Socialism of its own variety worked in Germany, it would not be as applicable to a place like America.

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It is part of our tradition here, as we were founded by the blood of a few men who believed these things. Thus making it engrained into our national identity.

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If I were Italian, I'd support Mussolini, if I were Romanian, I'd support the king, if I were Russian, I'd support the Tsar.

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So on and so forth.

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It is a fundamental truth woven into the fabric of our nation and therefore (seemingly) inseparable from it.

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Just found out I'm not baptized SMH

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@Thomas I think the heart of the matter here regarding your disagreement with the Church is that you are broadening natural differing traditions and customs between nations to include what the Church considers objective, universal moral principles. For example, because God commands that all the nations worship Him, states equating Christ to false religions is universally wrong, no matter where it is.

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No, rather I am saying because I was born where I was born, raised how I was raised, taught what I was taught, and experienced what I experienced, I am culturally, and by blood, an American. I desire to be Catholic. I do not equate the values of nations with the values of church, rather I do the opposite. I point out where the church contradicts the principles on which my nation was built and founded and vice versa. And as such, we should not support such a thing. And if I were to become Catholic as of this very moment, it would mean I would completely reject America as a heretical failure and in need of destruction. Like Babylon. Do not ever mistake my comparison for equality. And until we find a clear answer to this I don't think any decent and honest Catholic should support America. Rather I think they ought to support its dissolution. If any man is truly faithful to Catholic tradition, if he sincerely believes in such a worldview, it is my observation that he should be staunchly against the preservation of countries like America. @Nicholas István

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Do you guys read your daily readings?

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The Christian radio I'm listening to is interviewing a BASED sodomite right now

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Could I get some Catholic takes on this church? I want to convert to Catholicism from Baptist.

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Not sure if this would be a good church though.

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@Seneca absolutely love the fact it has confession before and after mass

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you should confess every weekend tbh

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Why do you delete my messages @🎭🎵

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