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Children of the Lie is my fav dogwhistle

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I thought JLP was dogwhistling when he said Children on the Lie on TDS with Enoch

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@Sam Anderson Based black guy Jesse! His heart sees but his eyes do not. God bless him, he needs more pattern recognition.

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Im gonna call into his show tomorrow morning and talk about the Tower of Babel story

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I enjoyed JLP being asked..."so...who are these COTL...what uh...what do they look like?"

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aka multiculturalism

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@Sam Anderson one of the other (newer) IE members gave a great biblical explanation of the Tower of Babel...basically the left is trying to recreate something that only God could create, and they are failing (because they are NOT God)...taking us down with them.

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One of the biggest benefits of this, beyond simply raising awareness, is that the partisan nature of politics has every Trump supporter echoing Lauren Southern now that Trump came down on our side

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Pretty true

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I would say they are echoing the woke right more than just one person.

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Just forcing whites to think in terms of race is huge. A lot of people got red pilled in part due to BLM riots

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im by no means a Bible expert my name may imply. 😉

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its insane it takes blacks literally burning down cities to wake white people up.
it's all so tiresome.

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@Freiheit - CA True. I just mean that they're in that range which is anti anti-white but not quite explicitly pro-white

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ill take anti-anti-white as a start

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then we lead them to the promised land of pro-white with our actions and deeds

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prove we are worth of the power and trust we desire

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@Bjorn - MD Precedent is what was implied but I can see where it's confusing.

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It pisses me off the tibbets family is going the same route as steinle's

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@rowdyroddypiper what did you expect from a liberal family?

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these people would sacrifice their children to avoid being called "racist"

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denial is a powerful thing it seems

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fear + denial

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a girl in Germany (politicians daughter) was brutally murdered by a migrant and the guy asked for donations for migrants after her funeral. I

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why be afraid when the world has taken the most important thing from you???

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if you think about it, liberalism is like a plague enabling only the strong to survive

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they also never took land from any blacks, i think it was like 100 years before they encountered any tribe of any size

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in the area they settled...then the blacks came in droves when they heard about all the cool stuff the whites built...

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sound familiar?

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@Goose. I was hoping that they might have been conservative or at least moderate.

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But I guess it's better a liberal was lost.

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Just bizarre to see their reaction.

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She had some anti-white Tweets...look where that got her.

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Sacrificed on the altar of diversity.

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Oh man this research on the Tower of Babel is gold. Did you know that Babel is a translation of a Hebrew word that means to "jumble or confuse"? and that the men who ordered the construction of the tower were either Nimrod a Jewish tyrant, or Joktan the Prince of the Semites? Yess Jesse, the Children of the Lie function best in the confused jumbled and rootless cosmopolitan societies like the Tower of Babel.

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Once the people catch on to their usury....

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#110 when?

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Yeah multiples of 5 are always nice