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2018-08-28 01:01:22 UTC  

I say it in love

2018-08-28 01:01:26 UTC  

Didn’t really want to cite the article because it kinda sucks, was more so just referencing the rioting

2018-08-28 01:01:50 UTC  

It’s over a girl who was stabbed to death by a migrant in her own home I believe. I’ll find a better article one sec

2018-08-28 01:02:09 UTC  

@NITRODUBS Welcome to IE. Yeah use for links

2018-08-28 01:02:25 UTC  

Sorry, I should have said that.

2018-08-28 01:02:37 UTC  

I am old lady I don’t know how to format that

2018-08-28 01:02:38 UTC  

I wanna read it

2018-08-28 01:02:47 UTC  

... that’s why I send screenshots lmao

2018-08-28 01:02:56 UTC  


2018-08-28 01:03:00 UTC  

Paste the link

2018-08-28 01:03:11 UTC  

I have been a victim of fake news DARNIT

2018-08-28 01:03:13 UTC  

Post the new .is link in hete

2018-08-28 01:03:22 UTC  

Okay thank you!

2018-08-28 01:03:29 UTC  

If it's fake, delete it

2018-08-28 01:05:00 UTC  

@NITRODUBS We use archive .is, to prevent them from getting our clicks, and therefore deny them advertising revenue.

2018-08-28 01:05:24 UTC  

Also don't want them to know their traffic comes from this server

2018-08-28 01:06:02 UTC  

I thought it was in case they ever got a ton of back lash a deleted it but not gibing them ad revenue, that's a pretty big brain reason

2018-08-28 01:06:09 UTC  

@Bjorn - MD it is a girl

2018-08-28 01:06:11 UTC  
2018-08-28 01:06:16 UTC  

I hope I did that right!

2018-08-28 01:07:15 UTC  

I have NOT been a victim of fake news... checkmate.. atheists

2018-08-28 01:10:34 UTC  

Checkmate cucks

2018-08-28 01:10:52 UTC  

We really need to bring back print! I like what iconoclast is doing, you can’t censor privately distributed print

2018-08-28 01:11:21 UTC  

if there's a will there's a way 👀

2018-08-28 01:11:24 UTC  

I agree with print...subscription is required to pay for it.

2018-08-28 01:11:35 UTC  

Iconoclast is good.

2018-08-28 01:11:55 UTC  

If anyone wants to start up something like that I can proof read/help with citations. Took a couple years of English in college I’m a pretty decent writer.

2018-08-28 01:11:55 UTC  

We have a secret plan for a paper of our own but it may be online only for a while.

2018-08-28 01:12:34 UTC  

Stay tuned @NITRODUBS something should be coming up soon. 👌🏻

2018-08-28 01:14:26 UTC  

Hmm, so according to DICE, WW2 was mainly butch lesbians and blacks. 🤔 Interesting.

2018-08-28 01:15:01 UTC  

This is why I don't "vidya"

2018-08-28 01:15:15 UTC  

I really want to research more and start writing more about how the LGBT effects children. I’ve been redpilling a lot of people on that lately.

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2018-08-28 01:15:40 UTC  

That game is getting terrible reception

2018-08-28 01:15:51 UTC  

Meat your WW2 communications officer, ypipo

2018-08-28 01:15:53 UTC  

Well, it's timeless information, so just right some articles and keep them handy @NITRODUBS

2018-08-28 01:15:55 UTC  

the community in part is rejecting it

2018-08-28 01:15:57 UTC  

There’s only one game worth playing and that is Mount&Blade Bannerlord

2018-08-28 01:16:06 UTC  

at least a WW2 game _has_ a comms officer

2018-08-28 01:16:09 UTC  

It’s battlefield I’ll probably still play it.. or I’ll just stick to playing BF1 because it’s timeless

2018-08-28 01:16:12 UTC  

even though I doubt that backpack is the right one