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2018-05-06 06:52:51 UTC She can die in a hole after I've graped her tho.

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I got checked out by a qt cashier at the store today with my mom and the cashier wouldnt make eye contact with me, what did she mean by this

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She thought you were fuck ass ugly

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the avoidant ones usually have a bf

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Retail workers aren't checking you out, They're fucking roasting you in their head.

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im not even ugly tho

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they might be doing that to you lanius

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im a handsome good boy

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His name is Zyzz

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I work in retail, Those chicks aren't checking you out unless you're fucking Ryan Gosling

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He ded

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He's dead?

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got owned by a tanning bed

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What do you mean? Skin cancer? Burned alive?

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nvm i heard wrong

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On 5 August 2011, Shavershian suffered a heart attack in a sauna, while on holiday in Pattaya

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Ya he was really popular on /fit/ years ago and then he died in a sauna in Thailand or something when he was like 22. He took a load of drugs and fucked up his metabolism and overheated

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Someone asked Nick “are we going to make it” which is a Zyzz meme and he didn’t get it

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Absolute brainlet

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Hey Greg, When did you first become autistic about Circumcision?

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@Deleted User
Early 2016.

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What caused it?

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Well, I was radicalized in 2010 or 2011 from an entry in an anatomy textbook.

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When are you going to become an anti-circ terrorist?

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I stayed in the closet on the issue until early 2016.

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Militant Pecker Protector

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Based on how vicious the media backlash has been on incels, I actually can’t wait to see how bad it is when Greg does some terrorism