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WilliamGnfld 2018-02-19 02:06:17 [Nick Fuentes Server #vidya]  


happenings in america are deus ex plot tier lately

someone tell him to turn down the gain a bit

test time bois

because i want to

im bored and a attention whore

think im entj

walk into the discord like everybody hates me......

playing as norway and im razing jerusalem soon

they like the pants the players wear

Stay away from my Lanius!

maybe we will!

bet you kiss girls faggot

misanthropic but altruistic


bbbbbut muh 115 IQ

Hillary Clinton, I'll be voting for Hillary Clinton


Trump's biggest accomplishment is showing how infested the system is

made the mistake of watching rampage last night

like the part where the two brown people feed the white woman to the gorilla

it was so damn bland

whole theatre laughing at the 85 IQ humor made it extra ebin

went with my normie friend

as we were walking out "I found it funny when the gorilla gave him the finger"

only movie i want to see this year is sicario 2

uhhhhhhhh sweetie, my body, my choice

even though i chose to have sex

wonder what the happiness index is

all but one video got removed from the channel

and then a day later channel gone

brush your teeth and have breakfast at the same time

give this man reddit gold!

the modern man

drove the nail through into his toe

Hello everyone i am here

tfw no one at the gym after midnight but me

vegan gains!

the avoidant ones usually have a bf

got owned by a tanning bed

nvm i heard wrong

On 5 August 2011, Shavershian suffered a heart attack in a sauna, while on holiday in Pattaya

Militant Pecker Protector

so what about phimosis


i miss the mcdons CBO

the mayo and the fried onion bits were so damn good

my cousin will order a chicken burger without mayo so its just the chicken lettuce and bun

idk how he can eat that

dry as fuck

he helps draw people away from the left and thats about all the good he does

37 days until E3

bf V

cant wait to play as african wehrmacht

BFV and CP2077 are the only things im looking forward to

im big on atmosphere and setting so thats all i need to get excited

i miss bf1

who is that streamer lmao

ban makeup

put put put

would be more fun in chicago

winky face

tfw valve never going to release a new game

almost cried first time i seen this one

would smash

she actually got blacked

uk/france/germany are past the point of no return

one sect of the austrian gov was raiding offices and destroying records on identitarians

Give this man reddit gold!

so thats what dna looks like

you'll gay


shit....im done for...

rattlin bog lmao

its a big meme here in newfoundland

cum 2 newfoundland

we have coloured houses

says africa north

what colour are you'll eyes

tfw hazel


Al'l you'll ancestors were racist and thats all that matters 2 b honest

but you.....you ight wyatt boi

heard of it

big if tru

she gettin royally blacked

wessex sideeeee





The White House says Trump signed the Justice for Uncompensated Survivors Today — or JUST — Act. It requires the State Department to report to Congress on what steps dozens of countries in Europe have taken to compensate Holocaust survivors or their heirs for assets seized under Nazi German and Communist rule.


youll all gay

what would your mother think of this behavior!!?!?!?!

its like furniture forts for manchildren

Idea: Avengers themed FEMA camp coffins


Give this man reddit gold!

Nice Merkel hands kirk

tfw server has no hobbie chat for gardening

grow spuds to own the libs

grandfather calls potatoes nigger's toes

hes not the only one

all the old folks in that town call them that

ironically he never seen a black his entire life until he came to visit my fam in toronto

Come home white man...... to Newfoundland


be american etc etc

tfw need edibles to sleep

night shift gay

i get off at 7 am


lots of overtime in the summer too

730-7am in a week or so


day shift does bread and we do rolls on nights


without edibles i keep waking up noon

idk why

also wake up tired yet cant fall back to sleep

nope but a bunch of people use bluetooth buds


that fucking trailer

Why you sleepin on me i can hear you snorin

Hello fellow Campus Conservatives

always knew kanye and musk were /ourguys/

my basil and catnip have sprouted

Patrick is so quaint

What caused his videos to be demonetized?

what did he mean by this


~3% neanderthal apparently

Did you know that cheddar man was in fact jewish!

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