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2018-10-13 03:46:25 UTC  

There's a LOT of Mexicans in central

2018-10-13 03:46:29 UTC  

oh ya they have a lot of places like that

2018-10-13 03:46:42 UTC  

they might even have a county that's Hispanic majority

2018-10-13 03:46:51 UTC  


2018-10-13 03:46:53 UTC  

Yeah it's messed up

2018-10-13 03:47:14 UTC  

i didnt realize immigration would even be an issue for wwashington state

2018-10-13 03:47:17 UTC  

but damn

2018-10-13 03:47:26 UTC  

Well in eastern it's not really

2018-10-13 03:47:40 UTC  

Most places here are 80+% white still

2018-10-13 03:48:02 UTC  

I think Pullman is somewhere around 90%

2018-10-13 03:48:09 UTC  

GA is exptected to be minority white in the coming years soon

2018-10-13 03:48:15 UTC  


2018-10-13 03:48:24 UTC  

its 28% white in my local town

2018-10-13 03:48:28 UTC  

Spokane County is 89% white

2018-10-13 03:48:34 UTC  

Lincoln County is 95% white

2018-10-13 03:48:46 UTC  

Honestly, though, should be 100%

2018-10-13 03:48:56 UTC  


2018-10-13 03:49:20 UTC  

It's the agriculture

2018-10-13 03:49:22 UTC  

oh, my county is 48% white

2018-10-13 03:49:26 UTC  

Lots of Mexicans from that

2018-10-13 03:49:55 UTC  

pretty sure im in the blackest town in my county tho

2018-10-13 03:50:17 UTC  


2018-10-13 03:50:26 UTC  

dont hit F yet pls

2018-10-13 03:50:36 UTC  

im trying to avoid that tbh

2018-10-13 03:51:05 UTC  

The funny thing is the town I grew up in had a few blacks but they were kinda the higher class ones, never had a problem, then I came to WSU

2018-10-13 03:51:44 UTC  

I had a 400 level project class and there was a black guy in my group, literally could not write at a college level I was shocked

2018-10-13 03:52:15 UTC  


2018-10-13 03:53:17 UTC  

I moved to florida for 10/11th grade, then came back to GA for 12th grade. but GA does their graduation tests in 11th grade

2018-10-13 03:53:53 UTC  

so im in 12th taking the graduation tests, and i kept getting asked "hey homie, how many time u took this test?"

2018-10-13 03:54:02 UTC  

I was the only white dude in the make up test room

2018-10-13 03:54:41 UTC  

Sad times, I hope we can turn the tide before it's too late

2018-10-13 03:55:04 UTC  

It's hard to imagine we were able to keep demographics until the 60s and now look at us

2018-10-13 03:55:28 UTC  

real shit

2018-10-13 03:55:42 UTC  

straight white males built this country, and took our species too the moon

2018-10-13 03:56:03 UTC  

and if you feel guilty about that...... idk what to tell you

2018-10-13 03:56:41 UTC  

Not at all

2018-10-13 03:56:42 UTC  


2018-10-13 03:56:49 UTC  

I'm proud of our history

2018-10-13 03:57:51 UTC  

Hey Steve, welcome to Identity Evropa

2018-10-13 03:57:53 UTC  

My county is 92% but you wouldn't think that looking at any school

2018-10-13 03:57:59 UTC