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2018-10-14 02:38:12 UTC  

@Danimal876 let me know if you come up to NY sometime, Revolutionary war is more prevalent here since we don't really have any action from the civil war that happened up here but quite a few interesting things around to see from the revolutionary war

2018-10-14 02:38:20 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Not to the same extent, but said interests were FAR more prominent than one would initially believe, and it's NEVER talked about.

2018-10-14 02:39:06 UTC  

@ThisIsChris Yeah, that was one of the great things about growing up in New England. We ate, drank, slept, and lived colonial/revolutionary history.

2018-10-14 02:39:43 UTC  

Washington was the second-wealthiest man in the colonies. Morris was the weathiest, and Jon Hancock was up there as well.

2018-10-14 02:39:51 UTC  

@Bjorn - MD yep, one of my favorite things. That book "Spy on the Devil's Belt" took place near where I grew up

2018-10-14 02:40:26 UTC  

My roots are deeply Confederate and I sympathize that way in spirit but there's the case to be made that it was a rich man's war and poor man's fight for the protraction of slavery which hurt average White families and the development of the South. And it's a real question what the racial outcome in an independent CSA would have been. On the one hand slavery would have bred many more negroes on the land for decades longer but on the other hand Southerners were more racially woke and would have kept them suppressed if not deported all of them, which honestly I question the physical possibility of

2018-10-14 02:40:49 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN One really interesting episode to read about is the interactions of the Dutch governor Stuyvesant of New Netherlands (modern-day New York state) with said elements. Suffice to say that there was no love lost...

2018-10-14 02:40:54 UTC  

@Ald Exactly, there's no clear answer.

2018-10-14 02:42:01 UTC  

@Bjorn - MD oh yeah that's neat. we learn a bit about Stuyvesant in school, important figure in the history of the state

2018-10-14 02:42:52 UTC  

A lot of places still have their dutch names, or dutch derived names

2018-10-14 02:42:58 UTC  

Brooklyn for example

2018-10-14 02:43:14 UTC  

@ThisIsChris The title sounds familiar, but I'm not sure that I've read it. I'd really like to see Sleepy Hollow one day, though.

2018-10-14 02:43:17 UTC  

Lond Island, Manhattan

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@Bjorn - MD oh yeah I went there once with my family as a kid

2018-10-14 02:44:14 UTC  

@ThisIsChris Yeah, I lived in the city for a few years, and a lot of the Dutch place names still remained. I always liked that...

2018-10-14 02:44:31 UTC  

Great Kills, Catskills, etc.

2018-10-14 02:49:25 UTC  

Also, the Tappan Zee Bridge 😎

2018-10-14 02:50:55 UTC  

@Bjorn - MD You mean the Mario Cuomo bridge?

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Do you all believe that the lands of North America can ever be enchanted for us and our blood the way Europe is or will we always essentially be wandering Europeans

2018-10-14 02:52:57 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN No <:varg:359010745192808449> 🇱🇺

2018-10-14 02:53:16 UTC  

@Ald Maybe. Turks are from central Asia not too long ago, and yet Greek Anatolia is considered "Turkey"

2018-10-14 02:53:49 UTC  

New England and the Old south are almost there, I think.

2018-10-14 02:53:56 UTC  

Maybe another Hundred years.

2018-10-14 02:54:03 UTC  

@Ald They already are enchanted. We just need to get our people to stop pussyfooting around and be explicit about whose they are.

2018-10-14 02:56:08 UTC  

Immigration, even European, did not help with a blood and soil ethnogenesis. Right now we might be living the cataclysmic origin story of the American folk who come to be

2018-10-14 02:56:22 UTC  

Who knows

2018-10-14 02:57:21 UTC  

@Ald Nah, I'd say the Southron, the Yankee, and the Amerikaner (midwest) have fulfilled ethnogenesis.

2018-10-14 02:58:00 UTC  

They have dialect, cuisine, political customs, fashion differences, genetic differences.

2018-10-14 02:58:17 UTC  

The Quebecois and Mormon as well.

2018-10-14 02:59:26 UTC  

Fair, I am speaking from a deracinated point of view. I'm just White and my region is just a zone. Anglo-Americana resonates but it's gone from here now

2018-10-14 02:59:56 UTC  

True, lots of "just Whites" caught in the mess.

2018-10-14 03:02:01 UTC  

I know that every era has to have its own symbols, but I really wish that there were a way to somehow use or incorporate the Grand Union Flag:

2018-10-14 03:02:38 UTC  

Maybe if the UK is less messed up than America for a change...

2018-10-14 03:03:58 UTC  

It's just cool, because there's explicit representation of the New World (the stripes) and our cultural and linguistic identity (the canton).

2018-10-14 03:04:24 UTC  

True. I liked the Pre-Trudeau1 Canadian flag

2018-10-14 03:04:49 UTC  

There. Image format sucked:

2018-10-14 03:05:51 UTC  

Yeah, that are a couple of guys up there who use it, and Faith Goldy does, too.

2018-10-14 03:06:17 UTC  

Better than the leaf, that's for sure...

2018-10-14 03:06:25 UTC  

The coat of arms symbolizes Scotland, England, Ireland, France, and Canada itself